Friday, May 30, 2008

analyse this

so, the google analytics thing, it's pretty interesting.

some facts.
  • in the 20 days since signing up for GA, camelshoes has had 215 visits and 418 page views
  • visitors spend an average of 4mins and 25 secs on the site at one time
  • all visitors are from oz
  • 70 per cent of visitors were referred
  • of these, 80 per cent were sucked in by the link on sitdownforthis, 15 per cent followed my link on facebook and 8 per cent were led down the garden path by google

that's where it gets interesting. 8 per cent equates to 18 visits. three were me. i was testing google to see if it would find me. it did.

one was some poor sap searching for hvar, croatia. odd that he came to me though because when i searched for the same thing (excited because he was the first person to be referred to me), this blog was about four pages in. desperate for info i suppose.

so, that leaves 14. 14 people who all searched for the same thing. or, more likely, one person who searched for the same thing 14 times. and what, pray tell, was that search?

you guessed it. jelly, wagga, dugong.


oh well, you gotta give the fans what they want.

i draw good


Rick M said...

I'm sorry to keep blog stalking you and commenting...but I haven't laughed that long in God knows how long.

You are now the Internet's leading provider of dugong jelly from wollongong. And your drawing? Sublime.

jax said...

it's wagga, but jelly-swimming dugongs from the gong has a much sweeter ring to it.
and stalk away, at least i'm returning the favour.

Rick M said...

I so knew it was Wagga...had other things on my mind (involving wollongong, surprisingly)

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