Saturday, May 10, 2008


I think this is the last of the myspace transfers, which means I can finally delete my myspace page. Of course, I will be sadly leaving behind all my friends who are sticking staunchly by Tom and the myspace crew - which seems to be anyone under 2o, and my little sisters. Me, I have developed a strong bond with facebook, and have no desire to update more than one social networking site. Plus, ever since I found out the Peter Russell-Clarke who befriended me on myspace was a FAKE, I haven't been the same.

Dear fellow airline passengers,

Why are you all such tools?

Far be it from me to tell you how to go about your business but, next time you're waiting at the baggage carousel, could you do me a minor favour and MOVE AWAY FROM THE DAMN THING!!

You do realise standing toe-to-carousel will not help your bags come out before anyone else's, don't you?

And you do understand that by standing toe-to-carousel, you and your fellow tools are blocking the view for those few sensible travellers who have taken a few considerate steps back, right?

Moreover, you must see that by standing toe-to-carousel, you are also blocking the pick-up path, making me, and surely others, want to whack you in the dumb face with the hard end of my suitcase even more.

You know, if everyone brought it back about two, maybe three, metres, we would all be in the front row. Now, I know I am not smarter than everyone else, so why haven't you all thought of this yourselves.

C'mon, help me out. I'm tired and I want to go home.


Rick said...

What's this...trotting out all your old work and expecting us to be happy! That's like Da Vinci leaving us with the Mona Lisa. I want to see more Kate...I want to see your Mona Sue. Or your Mona Leanne.

Having said that, totally agree about the baggage claim. Bastards.

jax said...

working on my Mona Gretchen. Watch this space...

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