Wednesday, May 7, 2008

it's that time of year again

In exactly two weeks time, I'll be in extreme agony. Why? It'll be about halftime during Origin I and I am a passionate NSW fan. Following the Blues is tough. If they're the red-hot favourites, they'll lose or die trying, and if they're the underdogs, they'll run away from the Maroons before falling in a heap. Exhibit A, Game I, 2007. Remember this?


Anyway, I'm over it. Seriously. But, at the time, I was livid. And I told you so, in the form of myspace. So, I introduce to you, "that-blog-I-wrote-back-then-and-am-now-transferring-to-my-new-super-freak-blogspot"....

Origin I and why I'm Blue

There are so many more people to blame for New South Wales' utterly disappointing loss than Jarryd Hayne. So, so many. The poor kid 'did a Justin Hodges' last night, throwing a wayward pass to gift Queensland a try in the 61st minute. It was the brain explosion which put the Maroons in front. But I forgive him. He's 19 and on Origin debut for starters and he was also responsible for a Billy Slater-esque try seconds before halftime so, points wise, he broke even (conversion aside).

I'd prefer to blame Matt King: stick to your wing, for God sake. Or Braith Anasta: how many times do you have to be told? Kick away from the opposition, AWAY. Can you believe Johnathan Thurston used to play second-fiddle to this nuff nuff? Debutant Jarrod Mullen was also guilty of a poor kicking game but again, I'm a fair enough person to give new blood a bit of a chance. For the record, Anthony Minichiello was absolutely superb.

But mostly, I blame the Queenslanders. People said the Maroons couldn't win without the underdog tag and the cheeky little buggers proved those people right.

Queensland entered the clash $1.80 favourites and they couldn't handle the pressure. They stuffed up numerous first half chances to trail at the break and, all of a sudden, look who's an outside chance of taking Origin I – Queensland. Enter the characteristic fighting spirit which Queenslanders love most about their team and the hosts score 19 (nine-fucking-teen) unanswered points to blow the Blues away.

Deja vu anyone? Queensland has come from behind at halftime on 10 previous occasions. As a Blues supporter I can tell you there is absolutely no comfort to be taken from sitting on the right side of the halftime buffer when it comes to Origin.

Watching Origin has become an occasion better "enjoyed" alone in recent years because of the frustration involved in supporting a team which insists on giving up game-winning leads. Or should that just be giving up? Oh, and the fact that I want to punch all Queenslanders who think gloating is funny. It's not funny, and I will punch you!

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