Tuesday, May 6, 2008

london sux

Prologue: I wrote this ages ago. It's from my myspace page. I'm in the process of transferring my myspace blogs to camelshoes so I can finally delete my myspace page from the world of cyber. I'm a facebooker. 4eva, or until something better comes along.

Let me set the scene.

MC Hammer, jelly shoes, Family Ties, candy necklaces, slap bands, hyper colour t-shirts....
Now, in the same vein, I introduce to you...

... the London 2012 logo.

I am serious but I don't blame you for thinking I'm joking. This really is the design Olympic organisers have chosen to represent the 1988, sorry, I mean 2012 Olympic Games.
And guess what, it cost almost one million Aussie dollars.

Well, if you're reading this Olympics chief Sebastian Coe, and I know you are, here's a little something I designed myself. It took 10 minutes, adopts the same 80s concept as the aforementioned disaster (I even used paint, how 80s is that??), and I only charge half a mill. Bargain.

In related news, the 2012 ad campaign has been pulled from the tele because it was causing epileptic viewers to have seizures. Again, not joking.


Rick M said...

Did you ever see the Facebook group 'The London 2012 Games logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head?'

Because I totally did. And I didn't sleep for weeks.

Mike said...

i like your logo much more. it would be better for many reasons...

a) i didn't even realise the actual logo was spelling out '2012'
b) your rings look symmetrical (note how i have not made jokes about that last comment)
c) in history there has never been a logo with more brown

jax said...

you know it's a brick wall, right?

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