Saturday, May 17, 2008

naked midget riding dugong in pool of jelly

i've signed up for this program called google analytics. i am still getting used to all the features but it basically tells me how many people are visiting my blog, how long they are staying and how they got here.

to date, 71 per cent of visitors have come from referring sites. the most popular of those being my facebook page and my mate's blog, which is a cack and can be found here.

anyway, at this stage just one poor sap has been directed to camelshoes by google. he slash she was searching hvar, croatia and found me.

so, i was thinking maybe i could throw up some random words and topics in this entry and see if i can't encourage some strangers to pop in and have a read.

here goes nothing:
  • pornography
  • cheap flights
  • world's fattest man
  • brittany spears
  • minge
  • wikipedia
  • how to air pop popcorn
  • barack obama
  • penis
  • clag glue
  • chicken twisties
  • i used to eat bath crystals (true)
  • wagga wagga rocks my world
  • boobs

and on that note, fade out


Rick M said...

OMG Clag Glue! I remember that! I hope whoever invented clag glue has died a horrible, horrible death...because Clag Glue I swear to God has given me my nervous tic these days.

Fuck you Clag.

Rick M said...

Wow, I DO NOT remember writing that. Alcohol is a horrible, wonderful thing.

Yay, does that mean we are trading site traffic? That's a beautiful thing.

llq said...

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