Saturday, May 3, 2008

obsessive compulsive much?

Frick, finally, I have a blog. It's only been about six months in the making. Well, three minutes in the making; five months, 29 days, 23 hours and 57 minutes in the thinking.

First, I needed a blog name. I came up with, and quickly dismissed, a plethora of ideas. Then some workable thoughts started to arise...

Does this opinion make my blog look big? Taken.
Who let the blogs out? Taken.
So you think you can blog. Taken.

Grrr...oh, hang on, light bulb...

I think, therefore I blog....the suspense...suspense....taken.

Motivation was waning, especially because I had taken quite a liking to the latter. Now, the thing is, you can actually have whatever blog name you like, even if it is taken, you just can't have the same web address as somebody else, obviously.

But I don't want a different address, and I'm a brat, so the idea of a blog (which came about because I want to cancel my myspace page but don't want to lose my blogs) was benched.

Goddamit, create a blog already. Who gives a shit about the name. Well, I do, still...but, moving on, camelshoes it is.

This is funny to me. To you, it's the name of my blog.

Yay, something else to keep me from doing what I should be.

PS: my frickin template, which I am very in love with, is not uploading. dear computer God, please fix this problem, I do not want anyone to see my blog while it's got this boring arse background. Bleh.

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