Tuesday, June 24, 2008

true love never dies

it's come to my attention i have quite probably ruined one of my all-time favourite songs. it's not because i've played it ad nauseam since i first heard it and then went desperately google searching until i found out what it was called so i could download and drown in it. i do that with all the songs i love. it's because, unfortunately, it was a bit of an unintentional theme song to my recent breakup.

i should have known, and had i have evaluated ahead of time, i could have pre-empted and stopped myself. but it was such a perfect compliment to tears and red wine that i couldn't help myself.

now, whenever my iPod throws it in the mix, i skip. then i frown, because i truly loved that tune but the memories hurt too much right now. a tale akin to the ex himself actually, although he's not on my iPod.

anyway, this song is too important to me, to let go. i need to remember why i fell in love with it in the first place...

PS: it's also come to my attention that i am still calling my breakup recent. i wonder when that will stop. it probably should have already, it's been more than seven months. maybe by "recent breakup" i mean to say "don't judge, there's a good reason why i'm single".

Monday, June 23, 2008

kasey luvs kd lang, 4 eva

Thanks to Rick, I have learnt how to capture a moment in cyber time.

This was crucial as I found something on Wikipedia I wanted to share with the world, as I explained two posts ago.

Has anyone noticed how much I love linking to other sites? I think it's because I just worked out how to do it. I'll get over it.

Anyway, on her second marriage, both of which were to men, I'm not sure Kasey would agree with said occupation in its entirety.

And yes, the word lesbian is purple because I clicked on it. Just wanted to see if there was a pic of Kasey Chambers. There wasn't.

Too far with the link joke? Yeh, I thought so.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

a humble tribute

i am so sad to learn of Jane McGrath's death. a wife, mother and inspirational woman lost. her legacy will continue through the McGrath Foundation. donations can be made here.

Jane McGrath, 1966-2008

my thoughts are with her family and friends.

Friday, June 20, 2008

sexual orientation and the city

this is old, old news. Cynthia Nixon, aka Sex and the City's Miranda, left her husband of something like 15 years to hook up with now-girlfriend Christine Marinoni. yes, she changed teams at halftime. wonder who she shared the oranges with. here's a happy snap...

so, whatever. i don't care if you're gay or straight. but, at the sight of this Hollywood couple, i cannot help but think...

one: Christine is really unattractive. i know, that is utterly superficial and i'd like to think i am generally not that kind of person but, i'm sorry, it's just very true and hard to ignore. not really important in the grand scheme though.

two: a much broader thought. if lesbians are attracted to women, not men, why do so many of them go for women who look like men? don't get my wrong, i don't care. each to their own and all that jazz. it just seems to defeat the whole purpose of lesbianism.

speaking of lesbians, i'm not sure how long it will last, but take a look at Kasey Chambers' occupation according to wikipedia. bahaha. she is married with two kids btw.

if I knew how to take a snapshot of my computer screen and paste it here, i would but two-finger typing is about as clever as i get. in case Mr Wiki-sub beats you to it, apparently Ms Chambers is a singer-songwriter, musician, lesbian.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

another one bites the dust

Here's what my desk looked like this morning...

Worth mentioning...
  • It's not my desk, it's my sister's. I'm staying in her room, at my mum's house, while my divorce is finalised. I try to laugh the scenario off to stop from shooting myself in the knees.
  • It's also not my cat. She visits me from next door. I don't think she gets much love at home. We share my toast for breakfast. I've named her Ging. Hard g, rhymes with sing. La la la.
  • That's my semi-new laptop. I love him.
  • Yes, that's a netball with eyes and you'll have to ask little sis about that.
  • All that shit on the wall? They're my to-do lists. Without them, I would be lost. Closer inspection I hear you ask? Well, sure...

A little hard to read, but not the point really. These pieces of paper represent the major tasks I have been endeavouring to achieve during the past three months. They include getting my visa, selling my car, booking my flights etc etc. You'll notice the highlighter. Checking items is the entire point of list-making. Oh, the sense of accomplishment.

Note lack of hot pink on bottom left A4. It's waiting for my separation agreement and hence, property settlement to finalise. This has been the bane of my existence. When it's complete, the only bane left in my existence will be to find out what bane means. Well, that's what I thought this morning before the best text message ever led to...

Can I get a whoop whoop? No? Just me then? Fine. Whoop whoop. Typing this I am swimming in a pretty pink sea of highlighted paper. No floaties required. Just one last thing though...

It's only minor, right?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

in the hoodie

i was going to write a blog entry about this scene i witnessed at the bar i was at last night. i started writing but my head hurts too much. beer and i just don't get on like we used to.

anyway, the story involves a very famous Australian footballer and two prostitutes so it's pretty juicy.

want to know? just ask.

Friday, June 13, 2008

your friends are DEAD, psych!

Isn't this just, like, soooooo funny.

If you can't be arsed clicking the link, it goes a little something like this:

Police and teachers who told a group of Californian high school students that two dozen of their classmates had been killed in road smashes had to admit it was just a hoax when the teenagers became hysterical with grief.

Hahaha, good one teachers and kudos to the police for jumping on board. It's like an awesome April Fools' Day prank, except not awesome, and not in April.

It's also like that time I decided to teach my little sister about fire safety. Our house burnt down and my sister is dead, but if she wasn't, she sure wouldn't play with matches in a hurry.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

pants on fire

Ahh, bouncers. Don't you just love `em. Never been beaten to within an inch of my life myself, but, you know, here's hoping. You'd think though, with all the higher education I can only assume a bouncer would be subject to, they would be smarter than to get caught on camera kicking the shit out of some poor sap. Not Melbourne bouncer Eddie Attal...

This pic surfaced yesterday. Today, a "devastated" Attal denied kicking the victim, claiming he slipped and "was trying to regain my balance".

Uh huh. Of course you were. And I am typing this blog entry from home, not on work time. To me, Eddie's face doesn't quite say "whoa, I nearly fell there. Did you see that? That would have been sooooo embarrassing", but rather, "I'll show you who's the king of Melbourne's nightlife. Take that, and that, and that. Grrrr".

Mmm, anyway, some more lies caught on camera, for your pleasure (oh, that was a lie).

What? He head-butted my fist.

We were tank surfing. He fell. Honest.

Anne Frank started it.

She's my sister.

four weeks and counting, anxiously

today, june 3, is one for celebration. my reasoning is double-pronged. ouch.

firstly, it's been exactly one month since i started camelshoes. secondly, it's exactly one month until i board a plane a leave this beautiful country, and my beautiful friends, for an indefinite period of time. eek.

so. one at a time. the blog. thoughts thus far? i likey.

it's very therapeutic to write, you know. especially for me. when i sit down at my lappy i can just type and type. sometimes i don't even forward think, as you can probably tell. i can write about things which have been troubling me in a way which helps me, at the very least, have a laugh.

perspective is a wonderful thing. unfortunately, i am not so good at doing this verbally. i wish i was but i am just not. there are only a handful of people who are privy to the verbal version of what goes on in this odd head of mine. they are the most important people in my life. i love them.

i plan to write a lot more about me here. it's not that i think my life is particularly interesting, or that people would want to follow my story, but i just like this whole blogging concept and, if nothing else, i think it would be a great "keepsake" for me.

i have held off being too personal so far because most of my thoughts and feelings from the past six months have been written down elsewhere and will soon take the form of weekly columns in News Limited publication the Townsville Bulletin. this is exciting and scary. exciting because i get paid to be creative which is what i love to do. scary because it's going to force me to divulge stuff about myself to a much broader audience than i'm used to.

i have been a journalist for about five years and had come to a point of apathy before i resigned to travel. i still love to write, obviously, but i just wanted to write about what i wanted to write about, not what i had to write about. make sense?

my column will be a challenge. it will be an honest, frank and hopefully entertaining account of my life and how, lately, it's been turned upside down. for good or bad? both. i will post each column on camelshoes after it has been published. lucky you.

moving along. even scarier than the prospect of spewing my thoughts into newsprint on a weekly basis is the fact this time next month i will be en route to Peru. i feel so utterly under prepared. does everyone feel this way? God, i hope so.

i will be spending four weeks in Peru, Cuzco to be precise, working with a program called Peru's Challenge before embarking on a little independent Sth America travel. Then it's off to London where I'll become a travelling cliche. yep, working holiday.

my stay is indefinite. it will be documented here. that part i am excited about.

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