Monday, June 23, 2008

kasey luvs kd lang, 4 eva

Thanks to Rick, I have learnt how to capture a moment in cyber time.

This was crucial as I found something on Wikipedia I wanted to share with the world, as I explained two posts ago.

Has anyone noticed how much I love linking to other sites? I think it's because I just worked out how to do it. I'll get over it.

Anyway, on her second marriage, both of which were to men, I'm not sure Kasey would agree with said occupation in its entirety.

And yes, the word lesbian is purple because I clicked on it. Just wanted to see if there was a pic of Kasey Chambers. There wasn't.

Too far with the link joke? Yeh, I thought so.

1 comment:

Rick M said...

Bah ha ha I saw that 'lesbian' was purple and was all like: 'she clicked on it!' and then you went on to explain that you did, in fact, click on it. Great minds.

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