Tuesday, June 3, 2008

pants on fire

Ahh, bouncers. Don't you just love `em. Never been beaten to within an inch of my life myself, but, you know, here's hoping. You'd think though, with all the higher education I can only assume a bouncer would be subject to, they would be smarter than to get caught on camera kicking the shit out of some poor sap. Not Melbourne bouncer Eddie Attal...

This pic surfaced yesterday. Today, a "devastated" Attal denied kicking the victim, claiming he slipped and "was trying to regain my balance".

Uh huh. Of course you were. And I am typing this blog entry from home, not on work time. To me, Eddie's face doesn't quite say "whoa, I nearly fell there. Did you see that? That would have been sooooo embarrassing", but rather, "I'll show you who's the king of Melbourne's nightlife. Take that, and that, and that. Grrrr".

Mmm, anyway, some more lies caught on camera, for your pleasure (oh, that was a lie).

What? He head-butted my fist.

We were tank surfing. He fell. Honest.

Anne Frank started it.

She's my sister.


Rick M said...

"Anne Frank started it". Absolute gold. That made me laugh out loud.

Still can't believe about Ducky tho...

jax said...

i wondered if i took it too far. the fact you laughed has me convinced i did.

Rick M said...

You know me too well Ms Jax. Not only did I laugh, but I wished that IIII had thought of it. Heh heh heh.

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