Friday, June 20, 2008

sexual orientation and the city

this is old, old news. Cynthia Nixon, aka Sex and the City's Miranda, left her husband of something like 15 years to hook up with now-girlfriend Christine Marinoni. yes, she changed teams at halftime. wonder who she shared the oranges with. here's a happy snap...

so, whatever. i don't care if you're gay or straight. but, at the sight of this Hollywood couple, i cannot help but think...

one: Christine is really unattractive. i know, that is utterly superficial and i'd like to think i am generally not that kind of person but, i'm sorry, it's just very true and hard to ignore. not really important in the grand scheme though.

two: a much broader thought. if lesbians are attracted to women, not men, why do so many of them go for women who look like men? don't get my wrong, i don't care. each to their own and all that jazz. it just seems to defeat the whole purpose of lesbianism.

speaking of lesbians, i'm not sure how long it will last, but take a look at Kasey Chambers' occupation according to wikipedia. bahaha. she is married with two kids btw.

if I knew how to take a snapshot of my computer screen and paste it here, i would but two-finger typing is about as clever as i get. in case Mr Wiki-sub beats you to it, apparently Ms Chambers is a singer-songwriter, musician, lesbian.


Rick M said...

What on earth are you doing searching Kasey Chambers on Wikipedia?

Sometimes you worry me Jacka...

As a wannabe expert on all things gay...I think it's not because lesbos dig chicks acting as guys, but because most lesbos (by virtue of them liking chicks)just act like guys. When that's all you have to choose from, sometimes you just get stuck with the chick wearing flanno and truckers boots. Ha.

jax said...

you're right, i should have disclosed that information. i was subbing a story and had to find out whether her bubba was a boy or girl.
good point on the lebosity. i guess it's the minge that matters!

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