Tuesday, June 24, 2008

true love never dies

it's come to my attention i have quite probably ruined one of my all-time favourite songs. it's not because i've played it ad nauseam since i first heard it and then went desperately google searching until i found out what it was called so i could download and drown in it. i do that with all the songs i love. it's because, unfortunately, it was a bit of an unintentional theme song to my recent breakup.

i should have known, and had i have evaluated ahead of time, i could have pre-empted and stopped myself. but it was such a perfect compliment to tears and red wine that i couldn't help myself.

now, whenever my iPod throws it in the mix, i skip. then i frown, because i truly loved that tune but the memories hurt too much right now. a tale akin to the ex himself actually, although he's not on my iPod.

anyway, this song is too important to me, to let go. i need to remember why i fell in love with it in the first place...

PS: it's also come to my attention that i am still calling my breakup recent. i wonder when that will stop. it probably should have already, it's been more than seven months. maybe by "recent breakup" i mean to say "don't judge, there's a good reason why i'm single".


Rick M said...

Someone always tells me there's plenty more fish in the sea. But I hate that, because what good are fish to me? Or you, for that matter.

I like that song...it was interesting. And if it's any consolation, I think your ex definitely could have fit inside an iPod.

Anonymous said...

unfort couldn't get the gist of the song thanks to squealing.. my i hate squealing. cheering, sure, applauding, knock yourself out. but squealing?? go back to the LAPS playground with that shit.

and ms. j... just cos one hasn't only become single recently, is that a greater reason to judge? or does that mean they're single for some factor of they're own making? know you didn't mean it like that but had to pull you up on it.
it's kirsty BTW, just can't be assed signing up for a blog account.. you don't have to publish this

jax said...

i picked it as you. maybe the laps reference.
i know you know, but to be clear, it's my insecurities, and nothing else, which would lead me to think that way.
furthermore, i don't actually think that way.
further furthermore, single is the new black

PS: I think you can write you name without signing up.

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