Friday, June 13, 2008

your friends are DEAD, psych!

Isn't this just, like, soooooo funny.

If you can't be arsed clicking the link, it goes a little something like this:

Police and teachers who told a group of Californian high school students that two dozen of their classmates had been killed in road smashes had to admit it was just a hoax when the teenagers became hysterical with grief.

Hahaha, good one teachers and kudos to the police for jumping on board. It's like an awesome April Fools' Day prank, except not awesome, and not in April.

It's also like that time I decided to teach my little sister about fire safety. Our house burnt down and my sister is dead, but if she wasn't, she sure wouldn't play with matches in a hurry.


Siamese Saffron said...

When I was the wee age of 7, my teacher thought she'd teach us all a lesson by giving the kids with brown eyes all the priveleges and leaving the kids with the light eyes out of all activities for the day. This was to teach us about what it was like before the civil rights movement.
Everything went well for me until she switched it mid day and I started balling.

jax said...

Miss Hitler sounds like a nice teacher :)

Rick M said...

Hmmm I remember drunkenly discussing this with you, so I don't know why I am leaving a comment. Perhaps to say that I found your ability to put a laugh-out-loud twist on to a cruel, evil hoax to be somewhat refreshing. Brilliant!

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