Wednesday, August 20, 2008

got a secret?

i just think everyone in the world needs to know about PostSecret. it's one of the most brilliant ideas i've heard of and i wish it was mine.

i want the books. someone should get me one for Christmas. but you should all probably confer first. i don't want 17 of the same thing. and yes, i am flattering myself. There aren't 17 people reading this blog.

in the short time i have known about PostSecret, i have gathered they update this page every so often and then the old stuff is lost to the cyber world. this may not be true but in case it is, click now because there's this wonderful story about a marriage proposal. or am i just a sucker for romance?

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Rick M said...

Ahhh I love PostSecret too! It really can be quite inspirational, or incredibly depressing...go Internet! He updates every Sunday and you are right, there are no archives. Once it updates, you can't access the old stuff.

I have a secret: your blog is awesome. Worst. Secret. Ever.

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