Tuesday, August 19, 2008

shoes, glorious shoes

When I departed Australia last month, I left behind glorious friends, a supportive family, a stable career, and a new relationship which makes me gush.

I also left behind about 217 pairs of shoes. It was easily the hardest part of the wardrobe culling process. With my clothes, I gave heaps away. A much-needed cleanout. My shoes, on the other hand, are patiently waiting for my return, save two pairs which hit the charity bins.

Which of my beloved shoes would make the trek to London via South America with me was a near impossible decision. Like picking which of your children you like best, I imagine.

As I will when I one day have children, I favoured the best looking shoes. My mum does the same. I know because I’m the favourite.

So, the joggers were in for practicality. The street shoes were in because I refuse to slump to jogger-jeans. I am not American. The Havaianas were in because I live in them. The black heels were in for social practicality. I MUST have heels and black is the most versatile and great for work.

But, a girl can’t rely on black and I need colour in my life. Purple or yellow? Purple or yellow?

The yellow shoes are my all-time favourites. Canary yellow, scarily high – I want to marry them. Thank you, Mollini. The purple shoes, also courtesy of Mollini, come a close second but I actually get a lot more wear out of them so they won the free flight.

It wasn’t easy making room for two pairs of heels but I made it happen.

Today I left Rio de Janeiro after six weeks in South America. In my backpack, which is now busting at the seams, I had to squeeze an additional five pairs of shoes. Yes, five. Check them out.

Now, five sounds worse than it actually is because two pairs are Havaianas. To be fair, you can’t go to the home of Australia’s favourite thongs and not buy a couple of pairs. They are, after all, sold in every second shop.

On the far left are the originals, the first ever style released. There are better looking thongs but I think it’s kind of cool to have a pair, purchased in Rio. Also, I know first ever is a redundancy, but I prefer how it sounds.

Next to them is a pair original for another reason. Different, at least to me. I haven’t seen these designs in Oz and I am hoping they don’t arrive before I return so I can be a trend-setter. Not that I’m not already.

Next, my new flats. Purchased in Buenos Aires for the bargain price of about 15 Aussie bucks. That night I disposed of my street shoes. These are much prettier. I like pretty.

Skipping to the boots and, as a result, saving the best to last – BA was a boot-a-thon and it was impossible to leave without a pair. These were the winners out of about 20 prospective additions to my shoe rack. I don’t own a shoe rack. I should get one.

Love at first sight

Heading back to contestant number four. Love. Love. Love. My other purchases were justified by the balance of their appeal and reasonable price. These bombed out on the reasonable price card but are justified solely by their beauty. They caused my jaw to drop. Price is irrelevant when a pair of shoes can stir that reaction.

The airport this arv was a nightmare. I left Oz with a 14 kg backpack. My checked luggage today weighed in at 21kg. My shoulders are killing me. My feet thank them.

PS: Siamese Saffron, I thought of you as I wrote this blog. Hope Sydney-town is living up to your expectations.


Rick M said...

Oh. My. God.

I have ten and thought that was excessive...but they're hot ones in the photos so I guess that is allowed.

Sometimes, don't you just wish you had more feet?

Mike said...

few women can maintain a man's interest with a long blog on shoes. not bad.

i like the pretty ones. and your shoes.

Siamese Saffron said...

i like those white/blue ones. i also like the white ones. i also own your yellow ones. i also would have bought the purple ones if my feet weren't so fat.
Sydneytown is splendid, except it is so fucking cold, and this hinders my shoe wearing you see. boots can indeed be worn, but at the same time, open toes cannot. and i have many open toes, and they miss me.
bring it on, summer.
now, LONDON. one word - topshop.

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