Monday, September 29, 2008

any excuse to type the word beaver

I have never forgiven Manly for devouring the North Sydney Bears. Truth be told, I never liked them too much before the Super League crisis.

But I'm not a great fan of Melbourne either. The grapple is dirty, I hate Brett White, Steve Turner's word is as solid as custard and Victorians, who claim to be the country's greatest sports lovers, couldn't give a shit about them.

Who to barrack for come Sunday? Easy...


I have never met Steve Menzies but he strikes me as a champion bloke. Tough, intelligent, consistent; he has represented his club, state and country honorably. Most impressive, at least to me, is he will leave the NRL a one-club man.

There aren't many footballers more worthy of a fairytale farewell.

It will be difficult, but I will be cheering for the Sea Eagles to take out the 2008 grand final. And by cheering I mean reluctantly supporting the lesser of two evils. Still, any player who can create such a miracle deserves to go out a champion.

Meanwhile, Cowboys: 2009 Premiers (did someone say glutton for punishment?)


Plucka said...

I still clearly remember your face when I told you I was a Manly fan, I think it was in my first week of Uni. You looked at me as though I had said I like to eat toe-jam. I guess to a lot of people its the same thing really.:-)

Tahnee said...

Here Here, manly are the shiz nizzle!!

dom said...

Amen on the Cowboys and 2009 - it's their/our year. As for Sunday, I couldn't care less who wins.

Mike said...

a) plucka does like toe-jam. don't deny it plucka. i saw you spread it on your toast.

b) kaufusi will help. but if we can make the top four, ill be happy. if we win the gf - use this as proof - i will attempt to drink four litres of milk in an hour.

c) apparently, the milk thing is physically impossible. too much lactose for the body to take. chalenge on...go you cows, happy to do it...

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