Wednesday, September 17, 2008

blinded by love (well, almost)

If you can be arsed, check this out. If you can't, here's the brief: Katie Milligan, the girl who recklessly head-butted her boyfriend Greg Bird's broken beer bottle, is standing by her man.

Dumb and dumber

I have made no secret of my hate for Greg Bird. He is a grub and I drew this conclusion long before he almost blinded his girlfriend. As an avid Blues supporter, I am embarrassed he has represented our state. I hope he never does again.

But, here's the thing. Just like her boyfriend, Katie Milligan is a FUCKING DICKHEAD and, along with others like her, the very reason there are still men out there who think beating up women is okay.

As Shakespeare once said, 'trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me'. Of course, Shakespeare never said that, and I completely stole that joke from this guy I know, but you get my point, right?

He will hurt her again. She won't deserve it. But she will have herself to blame for giving him the chance.


* Thank you K.Lo for the research.


Rick said...

I was going to write a blog on this as well.
Now I won't - I'll just agree with everything you just said.
And might I say, what a fucking clever heading.
Funny stuff Jacktacular.

k.lo said...

did you read that she's a law student? i certainly don't want her advising me or anyone else IN THE WORLD.. I really wonder if she'll wake up in 4 years time (complete with raggy scar across her eye) and think "WTF was i doing?" sure, being in love at 24 is all consuming, you can't see the wood for the trees (or glass for the bottle for that matter) and all that but i have to ask; what do her folks think about this whole parlarver?

Also, is she really thinking "well if i weren't such a nagging, whingey... if i only did x, if i didn't say y, etc.. this would never have happened?"

And where are her buddies, the one's you rely on to be your level head when you are stupid and crazy in love, to tell you how it is and make you see sense? the one's who remind you that someone who glasses you (or pees in bins out the front of packed pubs) is not the kind of guy you want to be with.

Katie's a law student - not saying this makes you better or worse than anyone, but she must have had some get up and go at some point in her life to date. Is it the luxury Bondi flat that she's missing? The disposable income of her footy head, x-box playing, beer swilling, boyf too hard to give up when you're a poor student? Or does she believe that someone who loves you is capable of doing this 'and not meaning it'?

Katie Milligan - make us understand WTF is going through your mind, because you are doing yourself a massive disservice right now.

p.s. no worries on the research, thank the good people of LBS for my time!

guidfgidfkbjjksdfo;weifj said...

swear this is the last thing i'll write on this... just in from wiki
"Following NSW's loss in Game II, Bird claimed he was "jokingly" arrested outside a Brisbane nightclub as part of a practical joke by Queensland Police. Queensland Police responded in a press release stating Bird was arrested after he failed to follow police instructions. He was released after five minutes without charge."

What a clever boy - everyone knows what a bunch of scallywags the QLD police are, always up to tricks like this. Those crazy pranksters! I still can't believe no-one believed him..

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