Saturday, September 13, 2008

dazed and confused

Legs 11.

Talk about a cliff-hanger.

Did you read last week’s column? If you didn’t, this is going to be tough to follow. In fact, you probably shouldn’t bother. No, no, kidding. Let’s try to bring you up to speed.

This is part two of a love story. I suppose it’s like any other love story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. The difference though is boy and girl never told each other until nine years later (also known as last week) when boy (played by Matthew McConaughey) professed his undying love for girl (Jessica Alba).

“I have been feeling sick for the last six years,” Matthew told Jessica, referring to her recently defunct relationship. “I have been convinced I had missed my chance. I have to take it now. I’m sorry. I have to. I love you. We are meant to be together.”

Jessica was speechless. She was stunned. But, once she managed to pick her jaw up from the floor, she found a few prize words.

“You’re an idiot. An idiot. My God. I spent three years loving you, convinced we were meant to be. The tears I cried over you. You had to have known. Argh. You idiot. Where was this nine years ago?”

While Jessica was speaking the truth, she was more dumbfounded by the comedy of errors than angry.

“I don’t quite know how to react,” she continued, her tone taking a serious turn. “I know I’m supposed to say ‘it was always you’ as I jump into your arms and kiss you passionately, and I feel as though that would be the appropriate response to such a gallant gesture, but I can’t. The timing…it’s…I’ve just broken up with Brad, I’m about to leave the country. I just can’t.”

“I know,” he replied. “I didn’t expect any different. But you had to know. I’ve waited six years for you, I can wait another. It’s us. I’ve never doubted we should be ‘we’. I love you.”

The wine continued and so did the conversation. Somehow, most likely because of their friendship, Jessica and Matthew were able to play a game of hindsight, looking back of ‘that time’ and ‘this time’ and seeing things in a whole new light. For Jessica at least, it wasn’t awkward, it was actually really special.

Matthew slept the night, but on the couch, and left the next day much lighter for having revealed his long-kept secret, even though he didn’t know whether it would come to fruition.

Jessica, on the other hand, was left utterly confused. Still feeling the shockwaves from her breakup with Brad, she was now presented with the possibility of something she once wanted so very much.

But what about the timing. Was it too late, or just right?


Rick said...

This reminds me of the Notebook movie.

That was a sad movie.

jax said...

never seen it. i am told often i should. now i am worried i shouldn't

Rick M said...

Don't. Although it is beautiful.

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