Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i heart gary anderson, apparently

heard of Gary Anderson? no, me neither. but his people have heard of me, it seems.

i googled myself today. firstly, don't pretend you've never done it. secondly, i should have been preparing for tomorrow's job interview (as i should be doing this very moment) but am a star procrastinator, hence the self-google. thirdly, i was wondering whether my blog would surface by searching my name.

it does, and a few pages in, so does this gem. scroll about three-quarters of the way down the page and you'll spot my name.

for the lazy kids in the house of camel, apparently Kate Jacka of The Sun on the Gold Coast in Queensland (a description which kind of singles me out) claims "the way Gary moves drove the girls crazy. He's a True entertainer"!

i cannot begin to describe how random this is. as i've mentioned, i have never heard of this guy, let alone been to one of his shows.

furthermore, i don't write like that, what's with the capital t and put the exclamation mark inside the quotations. shees.

i'm a bit disturbed to be honest. my next move is to email the website and tell the punks to take it down. but then my hyperlink is totally destroyed. i'm in limbo.


Rick M said...

If it's any consolation, I google my name all the time. But I've never had some creepy old guy make up a review from me.

That, that is how you know you've made it.

Can I get your autograph?

Mike said...

sorry darling, i should have told you. gary is my alter-ego. i do shows around the country. i didn't think you'd mind.

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