Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wrong dot com

girl wears neckline-to-the-bellybutton dress to brownlow medal ceremony. wow. unheard of. except for the fact someone does it every single year.

i don't know who this girl is, but she dates a footballer. cool.

it's been six years since J-Lo wore "that" dress. will the copy cats ever cease? i'll save you the research time. no. no, they won't.

to be fair, i own a dress or two with a plunging neckline - not to this extend mind.

but here's my rule (and i'm a regular fashionista so listen up): only one Slutty McSlutsky feature at a time. hence, frontless orrrrrr backless, not both. Blondy FitzOrange broke my rule, and that's just rude.

how do you spell that Family Feud wrong-answer noise?

1 comment:

Rick M said...

I've had more fun staring at car accidents.

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