Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i know what you did last century

Here's a funny story. Funnier if you were there, but funny all the same.

Oktoberfest. Two sisters, let's call them Kate and Nikita, chat over beers the size of their heads.

oh, how we laughed.

Like the beer, laughs of nostalgia flow and conversation turns to Kate's forever-ago teenage crush.

"Oh my God, I used to think I was completely in love with him. You should have seen the stuff I wrote in my diary. It was so embarrassing."

"Yeh, I know."

"I was so...hang on...what?"

Nikita's expression, a priceless cross between shock and defeat, confirmed the truth. She and third sister had sniffed out said diary once upon a time to settle their hunch I was smitten.

"We only read one page though."

Yeh, I'm sure you did.

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Rick M said...

OK. I am only slightly inedbriated (as I'm sure you would apprive). And It also only sightly November. Which means one requires a blog update promptly, or - as the English would say - rather quickly. It's not that I expect one to remember blogging when one is having a good time, just that I live in Boonah. And the only way to survive Boonah is with a lot of Holy Water and blogs.

Happy Camping.

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