Friday, November 28, 2008


poor november. forever overshadowed by december - what with it's Christmas and it's new year's eve - and now camelshoes is rubbing it in with a serious lack of blogs.

so, here's another one. just because. although, let's be honest, it's not going to entertain anyone.

i'm itchy.

here's a picture i like...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

technology these days

speaking of advertising, saw an ad on tele for a new Wii game. the selling point? it's the FIRST game you can play with your bum.

yes. bum.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

male models, at your cervix

i was walking home from work yesterday when i saw an advertisement subtly slapped on the back of a big, red london bus. this isn't it...

...but it basically is. google couldn't find the actual ad (and if google can't find it, no one can) which featured some hot guy, looking all hot, presumably endorsing the statement 'be cervix savvy'.
thanks for the advice, buddy. and, by the way, how's your cervix been lately?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

get it india

i've had the best idea. i am going to open an indian restaurant and call it...wait for it...waaaaaaait...the taj mahal!!

ha. nobody's ever thought of that before.

no, wait. everybody's thought of that before. damn it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

curvy is the new black

this is kind of old news now (if you could call it news in the first place) but i made mention of it a couple of blogs back so i'm going to follow through.

i read this article the other day and couldn't help but feel patronised. kate ritchie, antonia kidman and ricki-lee coulter, among others, are "taking a stand" against the stick thin trend by stripping down and "embracing their curves".

power to ya, sisters

notice the slimming garments. interesting touch i thought, considering the premise of the story, but that's not my gripe. my issue is the obvious lack of curves featured in that picture. ricki-lee is the only one with shape to speak of. antonia kidman is a freaking twig and i find her girl power play a tad insulting.

mmm, curve-a-licious

kate ritchie can shut her skinny mouth as well. if she was so comfy with her curves she wouldn't have lost them all over the last couple of years. don't get me wrong, she looks better now and good for her. but practice what you preach, woman.

like any normal girl, i truly believe women should embrace their curves, but i will always maintain a deep hate of mine.

walking contradiction. the trend continues.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

only in America

i cannot believe what I have just heard.

i was so proud of America. i shed tears on tuesday – so deeply elated at the election result and the change such a decision represents.

then US journalist Chris Wallace, apparently anti-Obama with gusto throughout the presidential campaign, reminded me why Americans makes me cringe.

"it couldn't happen anywhere else in the world," he says, referring to the election of a black man as president.

'only in America' is a term we 'Rest-of-the-Worlds' usually reserve for acts of stupidly. acts like, say, for example, a thief leaving their identification behind at the scene of a crime or A MAN CLAIMING THE ELECTION OF A BLACK PRESIDENT COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED ANYWHERE BUT AMERICA.

ahem. excuse me.

history lesson, Chris. it’s been 40 years since the American Civil Rights Movement. that’s 10 times longer than the four-year period between the conclusion of apartheid and the election of President Nelson Mandela (a black man, in case you were wondering) in South Africa.

you'll have to look to someone a lot smarter than me for further examples of why your patriotism is, in this instance, unfounded but, rest assured, there are plenty.

it's a lengthy vid. i know. but if you did sit through it, tell me, have i misunderstood the man? i'm willing to accept i might have but only because i am otherwise dumbfounded that an intelligent man (assumption made on the basis he's a journo - possibly incorrect) would make such an idiotic statement.

journalists. you can't believe a word they say.

Monday, November 3, 2008

have keyboard. will ramble

seriously camelshoes, i know, i totally owe you a blog. the thing is, i can't be arsed right now. every time i think of something blog-worthy, i'm busy and by the time i'm not busy, motivation has waned.

i have a couple of thoughts i am going to get to eventually. one has to do with antonia kidman being a massive pain in the arse. ten points if you can guess why. there are a lot of correct answers but i have just one in mind. the other is my love for barack obama and my fear this vote is in the hands of America. sorry Tricia, but seriously...bush, eight years, you deserve it (not you personally, you as a representation of your country. love you).

in the meantime, here's something i realised the other day. i am closer to 40 than 15. frick.

what a massively boring blog. sorry if you're still reading. you should stop. really, stop. i can't believe you're not asleep. why are you still reading? this is not getting any better. really. i mean it. it's not getting any better.

oh, okay, hang on, i'll find you a funny picture or something to reward you for your perseverance. just a sec...


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