Saturday, November 15, 2008

curvy is the new black

this is kind of old news now (if you could call it news in the first place) but i made mention of it a couple of blogs back so i'm going to follow through.

i read this article the other day and couldn't help but feel patronised. kate ritchie, antonia kidman and ricki-lee coulter, among others, are "taking a stand" against the stick thin trend by stripping down and "embracing their curves".

power to ya, sisters

notice the slimming garments. interesting touch i thought, considering the premise of the story, but that's not my gripe. my issue is the obvious lack of curves featured in that picture. ricki-lee is the only one with shape to speak of. antonia kidman is a freaking twig and i find her girl power play a tad insulting.

mmm, curve-a-licious

kate ritchie can shut her skinny mouth as well. if she was so comfy with her curves she wouldn't have lost them all over the last couple of years. don't get me wrong, she looks better now and good for her. but practice what you preach, woman.

like any normal girl, i truly believe women should embrace their curves, but i will always maintain a deep hate of mine.

walking contradiction. the trend continues.

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