Monday, November 3, 2008

have keyboard. will ramble

seriously camelshoes, i know, i totally owe you a blog. the thing is, i can't be arsed right now. every time i think of something blog-worthy, i'm busy and by the time i'm not busy, motivation has waned.

i have a couple of thoughts i am going to get to eventually. one has to do with antonia kidman being a massive pain in the arse. ten points if you can guess why. there are a lot of correct answers but i have just one in mind. the other is my love for barack obama and my fear this vote is in the hands of America. sorry Tricia, but seriously...bush, eight years, you deserve it (not you personally, you as a representation of your country. love you).

in the meantime, here's something i realised the other day. i am closer to 40 than 15. frick.

what a massively boring blog. sorry if you're still reading. you should stop. really, stop. i can't believe you're not asleep. why are you still reading? this is not getting any better. really. i mean it. it's not getting any better.

oh, okay, hang on, i'll find you a funny picture or something to reward you for your perseverance. just a sec...


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