Wednesday, December 17, 2008

okay, who wants a slice of racism?

oh my goodness, would you look at this. or, alternatively, read this:

"THE father of a toddler called Adolf Hitler Campbell says it is unfair that a store denied him a birthday cake with his child's name on it".

hmmm, where to start, where to start.

i know. a request: please Rick, blog about this. your thoughts are so much better than mine.

moving on. some facts (because i believe everything i read)...
  • dad has a swastika themed home. winner.
  • dad claims to be related to a member of the SS.
  • dad is a fucking moron.

said dad - let's call him heath, because that's his name - is upset the cake shop is discriminating against his son "despite the fact he isn't even jewish". okay, so he didn't actually say that last bit but i was trying to make a point. did it work?

what i find most confusing is, while heath clearly supports the nazi movement he also says of his sickeningly racist pals "yeah, they were bad people back then. but my kids are little. they're not going to grow up like that."

huh? are you for them or against them buddy? sort your shit.

furthermore, as my older but better looking sister pointed out, who puts full names on birthday cakes anyway? happy birthday gretchen prudence sanderson? no. it's just happy birthday gretchen. (or, "good morning darling, happy birthday. in lieu of a cake, this year we're giving you an apology for naming you gretchen. sorry.)

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Rick M said...

Ha ha! I remember reading this and was going to write something...maybe I still will but you kinda summed it up. The guy is primo douche. I bet he wanted the cake cooked in a gas oven too...

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