Friday, January 9, 2009

mmm, i think there's something in that for all of us, don't you?

i've said it before and i'll say it again. i have been totally neglecting this blog. and i think i know why.

i never really intended it to be a 'look-at-this-funny-picture-check-out-this-stupid-news-story' type of site. i mean, i was happy for those things to be included, but only as a secondary addition to a far grander intention.

this was going to be a space to share my writing. be it about life, love, travel, dumb people - all those important things. it would be a place to express myself (since i can be quite the verbal retard) while hopefully entertaining a few people along the way. i have fallen away from that and i'm a little disappointed.

my column made it easy. i was writing that for a pay cheque which gave me an excuse to be 'honest' and open about me and my life. when i'm doing it purely for the sake of my own blog well, truth be told, i know people question why i would do such a thing (or why anyone would do such a thing) and i care too much about what people think.

i care a lot less about what people think than i used to but i still have a way to go. that's another story (for another blog, when i get the guts).

it's not always bad to care about what other people think. that's the other reason i've been a slacker. it's difficult to write about what's happening in your own life without including thoughts and feelings about other people and i don't want to upset anyone. that was a really round about way of saying i am in love with this boy and while, on one hand, i want to tell the world, on the other, i still harbour a great deal of respect for my ex and don't want to be insensitive.

but i don't think i will ever stop respecting the ex. so does that mean i never get to write about 'the current'? discuss.

anyway, my point is, i'm going to try harder. i'm going to be motivated by rick who is so much more than an intelligent, hilarious writer. he's completely honest and it's an inspiration. read his blog. now.

ps: i'm glad you read my blog but i need to remind myself: it's not just for you, it's also for me.

pps: look at this funny picture.

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Rick M said...

I find it easier to pretend no one reads my blog. Which is easy when no one comments. And then people comment and I curl up into a little ball and put my fist in my mouth wandering what the hell I have just done.

But blogs SHOULD be written as much for yourself as anyone else...otherwise it says a lot about how egotistical we all are. Oops.

Having said that I love, love, love your blog. And you say far too many unwarranted nice things about me. My last blog post was about surviving the end of the world.

Yeah, deep. Huzzah!

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