Tuesday, February 24, 2009

atheists PROBABLY exist because you're still annoying

i said probably, which is more than i can say for you christians.

bus wars are going gang busters here on the streets of london. it started with this advertisement, funded by nonbelievers, which featured on 800 of london's iconic red buses.

actually, that's a lie. it didn't start there because the call for donations (which, btw, aimed to raise 5,500 pounds but instead yielded 135K) was in reaction to a christian ad doing the rounds last year promoting a website which insisted you would spend all eternity in torment in hell if you didn't get all kumbaya-ee.

blah, blah, blah...i wasn't in london when those ads were around so the first i knew about it was when i saw aforementioned ad on the 73 which i catch if i am running too late to walk past all five starbucks on the way to work.

took a few weeks off, travelled a bit, came back to this:

irate. me.

well, not really irate, because i've got better things to worry about. perhaps surprised and a little frustrated that some people still can't see the difference between opinion and fact. that some people can't differentiate between sharing a thought and SHOVING IT DOWN PEOPLE'S THROATS.


the beauty of the nonbelievers' ad was one simple word. probably. the absence of any such wiggle room in the rebuttal is, if i may your honour, exhibit A in brainwashers V the rest of us.

i am not an atheist. i don't know what i am. i believe in "do unto others as you would have others do unto you". i believe i have regrettably failed that mantra in my time but ultimately abide by it. i believe in those i love and admire. i believe in work/life balance leaning a little (or a lot) to the right. i believe in high heels on london streets. i believe in writing entirely in lower case. i believe in ice cream and tim tam slams. i believe i could go on all day.

i won't.

pop quiz. if there "definitely" is a god - which one is it?


Friday, February 20, 2009


total and utter neglect. terrible. unforgivable. been away. busy. better things to do.

amsterdam. edinburgh. torrevieja. barcalona. paris.

here are some thoughts that pop into my head because i can't be arsed constructing a decent blog right now (or possibly ever again, as recent postings may suggest).

paris. i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it. i didn't expect to. i knew i would enjoy it. it's paris for god's sake. but i'm more about atmos than traditional sight-seeing. paris had both in spades. i want to be there forever.

paella is the bomb but sangria is ick.

clogllageing. look it up. you won't find it because we (three sisters and a boy) invented it and haven't told wikipedia yet. but watch this space because it's going to take off. ingredients: amsterdam, one nude clog per person, coloured textas, coffee shop (that's amsterdam's version of a coffee shop), creativity. result? you'll see when i find my phone connecty thing which lets me get my pictures off my camera.

hold up. 12 hours later. housemates' connecty thingy fits my camera. handy.

i still haven't stopped thinking about that white chocolate waffle. should have got another one...aaaaand a muffin. sheriously.

the mcspanish don't flurry their mcflurrys. unacceptable.

note to self: check designated driver drives manual before booking rent-a-car. days: five. stalls: 11.

Charles de Gaulle airport: easily the worst i've been to. three hours queuing. not joking. there was a queue to get in the queue.

aussie bushfires. devastating. understatement. and, being in spain at the time, i'm sure i haven't heard the half of it. read this. i mean, only if you want.

i link to rick a lot. it's because i think his writing is worth reading. he's also worth knowing.

i know a lot of people worth knowing. awesome for me.

is this just getting silly?


well stop.

okay, i will.

okay, good, go.

fine, i'm gone.
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