Monday, March 23, 2009

an explanation

there was a blog here. it was about facebook status updates and how i hate when people:

a/ name-drop
b/ spill their depression
c/ illustrate their complete ignorance by status-ising their racism.

then i got a message from a friend asking if i was referring to x. i wasn't. and i felt instantly bad because i know x reads my blog. i would never speak poorly of her but feared she'd reach a similar conclusion.

i opted to delete. not sure if i regret it yet. don't like feeling censored. but it doesn't really matter because leaving it up, for the sake of free speech, wouldn't be worth upsetting x.

this has happened to me before. must think before i write. but then, so should the douche bags who think it's funny to call the asian delivery guy Kim Jong-il and then ask why he isn't 'rarfing'.

1 comment:

Fiona said...

Ah. Fairy muff.
Fiona is appeased.

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