Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a rose amongst the thorns

This is what the sports section of the Daily Telegraph website looked like today...

The juxtaposition, although presumably unintentional, smacked me in the face and I just wanted to share.

I'm a little surprised Brett Stewart has surfaced as the new twat (and by twat I mean criminal) of the NRL but it seems there's little denying it. He now joins a long list of footballers who have disgraced their code, not to mention their sex. And please don't get me started on the groupies who exacerbate the problem by behaving like fools (and by fools I mean sluts).

If only there were fewer Brett Stewarts and more Steve Prices. The man's a true professional and a true gentleman. I love him. He can stand over there with Kurt and Matthew.


Fiona said...

There are so many juxtapositions in the treatment of of the Brett Stewart case. I'm no defender of Greg Bird, but he was immediately stood down after being charged (also because he's a complete cock) but Stewart is still allowed to play, and his defence is "I was really drunk, I don't remember". Not to mention the too-many other players that have had allegations brought against them without charge, but have suffered through media bashing, yet Stewart receives defence. There's way too much wrong with all this and rugby league. I'm going to stop now. I could be here all day.

jax said...

i wonder why. do you think it's a manly thing? i hate them for so many reasons (said the north sydney bears supporter)

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