Friday, May 1, 2009

it's a new thing i'm trying

i could just call it 'about me' but i won't. that's boring. i am going to update this weekly. it will certainly help me up the entry rate on this thing. i think i'll do it every friday. you're welcome.

001 I will prove these little titbits will run in no particular order by starting with the fact that the word titbits still conjures a wry smile in me. Similarly, the I cannot say or hear the words route, erect, package, Alicante, dongle (there are more) without an internal giggle. I am okay with this.

002 I believe in horoscopes when they read in my favour and dismiss them as nonsensical when they don’t. I usually turn to them, for fun, during times of need (like now) and it is amazing how often they resonate. You should see the one mum found for me last week! In a similar vein, I am an Aries to a tee.

003 I enjoy getting drunk but, as a general rule, don’t enjoy alcohol. I usually drink beer although I almost never enjoy the first one. I drink red but hate white wine. Also hate rose. Friends always try to lure me to the white side…"here, try this, I think you’ll like it because…", but I never, ever do. Same with champagne but I will happily drink Passion Pop. Yes. Passion Pop.

004 To completely contradict 003, I cannot drink bubbles. They hurt my nose. I never drink soft drink. It’s probably why I never enjoy the first beer. I persevere for the end result. That makes me sound like an alcoholic. I am not.

unless it's passion pop

005 Yes, I think I can dance. That’s because I can. I was born with rhythm, as were my sisters, and we have our mum to thank. I am really grateful for this because dancing is such a simple pleasure in my life. I wish I never stopped taking lessons and often contemplate starting up again. I never act on this thought.

006 I used to eat play-doh, bath crystals, chalk and raw sausages. I was very young. The only reason I don’t find that as disgusting as you do is because I remember how good I used to think those things tasted. Don’t knock it until you try it. Although, you probably shouldn’t try it. Especially the sausages.

007 I could not possibly tell you what my favourite colour is. It changes all the time. Pink, yellow and purple are never far from my mind though.

008 Tim Tam slams are the best. I want to marry them. The only improvement on slammin’ a (packet of) Tim Tam(s) is enjoying the experience with my gloriously beautiful mate Bashy who shares the passion.

009 I have a pretty decent scar on my right knee. I tell people it’s from playing softball, which it is, except it probably wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t have taken a major stack while drunk and ripped the original scab clean off.

010 Most of my best friends are girls but I always connect more quickly with guys. There are two main reasons. Firstly, I share common passions, such as sport and quoting The Simpsons, with boys. Secondly, girls are mean. I feel intimidated by them and worry about what they will think of me. I hate that I am 28 and still feel like this. I am working on it. In the meantime, I am so, so grateful to those wonderful ladies in my life who made me realise the importance of girlfriends.


Rick M said...

I happen to laugh at those very same words Jax...though if you try to feed me Tim Tams, you might die.

I like this format.

Siamese Saffron said...

Wow, we do have a lot in common. Aching for that wine.

Fiona said...

Doodle and stiffy

Erin-Dot-D said...

I'm with you on #10, I'm the same way. Becoming friends with girls takes work. Sometimes you hide so much of yourself by being intimidated or "trying too hard" but with guys it's just like, ya, I'm a dork, I love star wars and the simpsons, let's have a quote off. Instant coolness in their books. Too bad it doesn't come that naturally with girls. And this is why I don't have any friends, yet.

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