Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a kind-of promise of things to come

i have a very, very tentative plan to document some pretty damn personal stuff here over the next...i don't know...indefinite period of time. i don't know why i am inclined to do such a thing. i mean, i know what my inspiration is but i am not sure why i think publishing the process for every tom, dick and blase* to read is the right solution. or 'a' right solution.

regardless, i am going to try. see what happens. in the process, i will remember two pieces of advice. one from siamese saffron who, among other wise words, commented blogging was 'cheaper than therapy' (and god knows there's a hell of a lot of things i'd rather spend my money on than some guy who nods his head while i cry. although i am still going to pay some guy to nod his head while i cry. see how it pans out). the other (piece of advice - in case you'd forgotten after my bracketed super tangent) comes from some random blogger who says 'blog like nobody's reading'. i am not blind to the fact that is hugely cheesy and a complete rip-off of the old 'dance like nobody's watching' phrase, but if it helps, i'll take it.

first though, my disclaimer. this decision may lead to epic failure. i mean, i am working on the new and improved** me with gusto. you should see me go. and i promise i will stop at nothing to achieve what i set out to. and, for the first time (in this context), i believe in myself so yay for confidence. but in terms of using my blog to aid this process, i am not sure it's going to work for me. time will tell.

before i collect my prize for world's longest introduction, i will finish this entry which, until i got my ramble on, was going to be brief. it was also going to be a very non-personal start to my personal promise. one from two. deal with it.

so, there's this game my wonderful, fantastic, admirable, loyal, hilarious (all the good things, none of the bad) friend clare told me about. it's done the facebook rounds although i never saw it. you're meant to google search the word 'unfortunately' followed by your first name.

i always find the time to do this kind of crap. i am not ashamed.

the first couple of returns just linked to blog entries, like this one, of kates playing the same game. skipping those, my results were:
  • Unfortunately, Kate's globe-trotting is restricted because she starves when abroad, and
  • Unfortunately, Kate carries ALL OF HER WEIGHT in her ass.
wtf? google knows too much. anyway, not one to dwell on the size of my arse (pfffffffft), i decided, for the sake of the new-me quest, i would search 'thankfully kate' as well. now, i gotta say, i think just the fact i had that idea says something. enough self-praise. the results:
  • Thankfully, Kate has better luck with men in the real world, and
  • Thankfully, Kate was incredibly patient.

now, for reasons i will not disclose yet (or possibly ever) that resonated a freaking lot with me. patience is a virtue. thank you athena destiny starwoman.

*to be explained in a future entry.
**new and improved. contradiction. new or improved. can't be both. i'm going for improved. i like some parts of me. i'll keep them.


Rick M said...

I have pom poms out and am cheering for your blogging therapy success. It's always worked for me! And hey, I'm not as silly as I used to be. Should I be a benchmark? Absolutely not.

And I agree, absolutely no need for an entirely new Jax at all. I would pine.

Bea Arthur said...

Keep most parts mate. Definitely mproved, not new.

Now, for the sake of something more positive than 'Unfortunately', here is what I found for 'Luckily ...'

'Luckily, Kate's the perfect girl to emulate: she's stylish and smart'

However, before you let that go to your head Miss Jacka, this one was my favourite...

'Luckily, Kate had 6 gay men working on her for the Awards show and they quickly jumped on the flaming cat and put it out'

And if you want insight, look no further...

'Luckily, Clare is a huge fan of hamburgers and large numbers of screaming children'

Chillingly accurate I think you'll agree…

Siamese Saffron said...

I should probably say that I think it was Rick who said blogging is cheaper than therapy first, but I'm happy to take the credit.

Very excited to see what you have to say, so please say it soon. I also might use that Unfortunately/Thankfully game, because I like to steal things from people, ESPECIALLY when I'm drunk... And it's an easy thing to blog. I need more of those.

jax said...

wow, bea arthur...thank you for being a friend...your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant

Fiona said...

And she speaks to you from the grave. You should feel very grateful. Not even Curtis Stone was granted that honour. His letter came two days before her death.

Bea Arthur said...

You're welcome mate.
Im thinking about throwing a party and inviting everyone I know. Except Curtis Stone.
I'd like to see who brings the biggest gift and I wonder if there would be a card attached.
Estelle Getty says hi by the way...

jax said...

i just had to google curtis stone. that's random. meanwhile, tell estelle i loved her in 'stop or my mum will shoot'

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