Saturday, May 23, 2009

intelligent conversation

the scene: doc’s waiting room. me reading the independent (because it was there). enter man of about 65. ‘learning difficulties’ evident. also evident - my expert knowledge of politically correct terminology.

man: are you intelligent?
me: i can be. intelligent on some subjects, not so much on others.
man: you’re reading an intelligent paper. that’s an intelligent paper. you are an intelligent woman.
me: well then, maybe more so once i finish reading.
man: i don’t like intelligent women. they can work out your weaknesses.


Rick M said...

Learning difficulties he may have, but he is, of course, right. You know that don't you?

Intelligent women / men can smell fear from two city blocks and isolate weaknesses in a flash.

They were born to hunt.

And they do.

jax said...

yes, he deffo had learning difficulties. whether that had anything to do with his observation...i guess it's not relevant but it did make it slightly sad/der to hear. he said it like he was a little beaten.

i suppose intelligent people can pick up on weaknesses. if they judge you on them, however, that's perhaps a weakness in itself.

of course, i am not implying i am not innocent of judgement. i mean, what's with the pants you're wearing :)

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