Sunday, May 3, 2009

one year old - still crawling

blatant cheating. i've back-dated this post. but i had to because i totally forgot to say: happy first anniversary, camelshoes! i bought you a cake...

yeh, i can't answer that. but for more weird arse cakes, click me.

so, since it's been one whole year, i thought i might finally answer one of your FAQs.

camelshoes. what the...?

camelshoes represents two of the most important things in my life. my friends and laughing. combine the two and i'm not sure there's anything better.

i am lucky enough to have a lot of people who i can happily call friends but, like most of us, there is a handful who mean the world to me. this story involves three of those people. meet A, C and F. oooo, so cryptic with the caps. you know who you are.

we all lived on campus together, back in the day, and my god, we did laugh.

one evening, after a post-uni bar round of Frozen Vegetable Olympics, we were parting ways for bed when C yells "camel shoes".


"cAAAmel shOOOes," she repeated, her emphasis implying our stupidity, or perhaps her drunkenness.

"ahhh, you mean elephant shoes?"

"ummmmmm...yes...elephant shoes". a little meeker this time.

we had recently taken to elephant shoes as a term of endearment. in case you didn't know, when you mouth it, it looks like you're saying "i love you". so does "olive juice" but it's not as funny.

also popular during this time was the much less endearing term camel toe. not a popular fashion statement mind, just a popular reason to laugh at people.

to us - four drunk 20-somethings with a giant catalogue of personal jokes - C's slip was hilarious. it also stuck, as so many times shared with those three have.

i am aware this doesn't quite translate on paper. paper = computer screen. but i know everyone can relate to those simple but glorious moments shared with special people.

to me, the term camelshoes, which has morphed into one word for ease of use, represents so, so, so much more than the name of my blog. and every time i am here i am reminded of those things. i am also reminded that, no matter what else is going on, i have always had friends i can count on and i am always capable of laughing - even if it doesn't feel that way sometimes.

the last two/almost three week period has very much been one of those 'sometimes'. one of the most challenging 'sometimes' i've experienced. and here i was thinking i left that shit in 2008. A, C and F have been among a core group of friends who have outdone themselves in their support.

a card arrived from C this week. the words inside were perfect, but also private. the words on front were almost as good and certainly worth remembering:

...i don't need a certain number

of friends, just a number of friends i

can be certain of...

true 'dat

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Rick M said...

Sometimes when you do this 'back-dating' the blog business I get visions of you as a plucky magician called Kate the Wise who has the ability to manipulate time and commune with frogs.

Other times I just shake my head and rub my eyes.

Funny as fuck story about the origins of Camelshoes by the way...knowing that now, I feel like a weight has been lifted.


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