Friday, May 29, 2009

scrubs, muffins and motherhood

041 Just chucked on the skirt I was wearing Sunday night. There were two chocolate éclairs in the pocket. This excited and baffled me. Like I needed more proof I had too many beers. Where did they come from? And, while I’m at it, what about the giganto bruises on the back of my knees?

042 I don’t believe in 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.

043 I’ve used a solarium before. I am ashamed. Vanity over health and I didn’t even feel like it made a huge difference. The worst part is, with summer approaching and a solarium at my gym, I briefly contemplate slapping down a 50 for a handy 100 minute package every other day. Shame. Shame. Shame.

044 Things I incorrectly thought would go away with age: pimples, bitching, the irrational concern over what I see in the mirror.

045 It’s a tough call but I think my favourite city in the world – of those I have been to of course – is Paris. I wouldn’t be surprised if, come September, there’s a new frontrunner following my New York debut. It’s hard to rate it in the same vein, being more of a ‘local’ than a tourist, but Sydney is surely up there among the world’s best. Although I have absolutely nothing to do with that, I am still proud.

046 Scrubs is about to start. I love Scrubs. I can watch the same episodes over and over, and I do. My ex and I owned the first four seasons on DVD and got two each in the ‘divorce’. Choosing which two was really hard. Like picking a favourite child except you can’t just say ‘I‘ll take the prettier one’. I think Elliott and I have a lot in common. I really want Elliott and JD to end up together. And I really want the creators to call it quits on a high rather than enabling a Secret Life of Us death.

i'm no superman

047 I used to think I was ‘being good’ by having a muffin instead of a regular café breakfast. You know, as long as it was blueberry and not chocolate. I am astounded I was so dumb. Muffins are little bald cakes and aren’t even trying to look like anything else. Cake for breakfast. Idiot.

048 I am almost positive that I will be my happiest when I have children. I think I will be a really good mum. I typed ‘I think’ so as not to seem like a wanker. I really wanted to type ‘I know’. Still, I freak out when I think about childbirth. How?

049 My iPod is depressed. On it you’ll find about 80 per cent melancholy. Imogen Heap, Sarah Blasko, Bon Iver, Sia, Radiohead, Clare Bowditch, Angus and Julia Stone, Beth Orton – the list goes on. They’re all great listening but only if you’re in the right mood. I really need to rectify this.

050 Even though I like my job, I miss being a journalist. I like that I miss it. It validates my decision to become one in the first place.


Rick M said...

You scare me with your ability to make me snort my breakfast. I was literally just wiping the crumbs of my blueberry muffin away from my mouth when I read '047'. And the awful thing is, *I* thought it was OK too.

Until now. Now I just feel bad.

Please, don't ruin Up&Go for me too - tell me that is still OK!?

jax said...

put down that muffin and tuck into some porridge.

not too familiar with up&go. it's probably not too bad although check the sugar content.

alternatively, live a little and don't obsess about food like me.

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