Wednesday, June 24, 2009

four-year blues

goddamit. god-freakin-damit. i am so over supporting NSW. i know that will come as a shock to many who know how passionate i am about state of origin but honestly, i don't know if i can go on.

it's not a sore loser thing. i mean, don't get me wrong, i HATE losing. it's why i don't do things i am not good at. but, on this occasion, it's more of a sore 'i-feel-like-i-have-more-passion-for-that-jumper-than-the-13-'men'-in-blue-on-the-field' thing.

i am going to make this brief because it could otherwise turn into the rant of all rants but i admire the passion of queensland. i am jealous of it. even when the maroons shouldn't have a hope in hell of beating a star-studded blues line-up they manage to, at the very least, work a few passion-inspired miracles and come close.

us? we give up 18 points in the first 20 minutes like it's going out of style. seriously, someone do the research on how often the scoreline has been 18-0/18-4/18-8 or something similar within the first quarter. i can't be bothered but it feels like it's a s.o.s requirement.

to be fair, there's been a couple of occasions over the past few years we've run away with an early lead. but, of course, passion yet again prevails and queensland run us down.

anyway, i'm not one for jumping on and off bandwagons. especially when the jumping is win-loss based. but i'm just wondering why i should keep caring when it seems the team don't. anyone?

3 comments: said...

I know! I don't know why half of them bothered showing up last night, it was so so sad to watch. Today was much sadder though because I live in QLD and the emails and barrage of crap that I was forced to endure made me wish I stayed in bed.

So you should keep caring in solidarity with me, even though I have never met you and we live in different countries, because QLD sucks :)

Rick M said...

Hey now there. Obviously I am a massive Queensland supporter. Died in the wool, never to go back on them et cetera. But I watched last night's game (in a fit of massive nervousness come second half) in total awe of the Queensland team's ability to not give in.

I fucking love that about them.

And I truly did feel sorry for the NSW supporters like yourself last night who, I honestly believed, were shortchanged by the Blues line-up.

Feel mega sorry for Wolfman. That poor bastard.

Chin up, they're your team. Wish they'd give more back to you (and the game!)

Fiona said...

Hmmmm. It is frustrating. I however, point a bigger finger at the selectors, who pandied to Bellamy, who obviously didn't want a team that could win. There were glaring omissions from the NSW side that could have made all the difference.

Alas. We have to wait to 2010 now... I have hope for Game 3 though.

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