Friday, June 5, 2009

grammar, love and riverina fresh

051 My friends call me Grammartron, which is fair. I am a stickler, but only because it’s my day job. When you spend eight hours dissecting writing in an effort to see it published to perfection it’s hard not to read all words with the same critical eye. To me, it’s a challenge to pick up a misplaced apostrophe, a tautology, a redundancy. Oooh, redundancies – my favourites.

052 I’ve been in love twice (or perhaps that should be three times with two people). I consider myself unbelievably lucky because the two men in question are both utterly amazing. I am a better person for my relationships with both of them. In fact, I truly believe anyone who knows either of them would be better for it. I know some men can be complete wankers but, as a general rule, I think they get a bad wrap. They are more compassionate than we give them credit for. Although I am willing to consider the possibility my judgement has been clouded by my experience.

053 I wee unbelievably quickly. It's a talking point.

054 My parents made a deal with me and my sisters when we were young. The rules were: if we made it to 18 without smoking we would each get $500. Sure, it’s bribery but I would absolutely consider doing a similar thing when I am a mumma one day. The lure of $500 helped get me through the peer pressure years and gave me a much better excuse for turning down the continual offers for a ‘drag’ than “no thanks, it’s illegal and I’m chicken shit”. I did technically break the rules. But the beauty of it was, I asked mum for permission first. She granted it, I tried my first cigarette aged 14, and it was absolutely horrible.

055 Used to hate mangoes. Now love them. Keep trying to love olives. Still hate them.

056 I was on an ad for Riverina Fresh Milk with Mark Taylor about 10 years ago. I never actually met him because we were in completely different scenes. Me: playing basketball with a crew of fellow KHS students before taking a swig of flavoured milk (yeh, just what you feel like after a tough game). Mark: I don’t really recall. Perhaps jogging? Rest-assured, whatever the activity, he would have enjoyed a cool glass of Riverina Fresh afterwards. I did end up meeting Mark Taylor. It was about two years ago when I was covering a charity golf tournament. I’m a sports journo by trade in case you missed that. I am not ashamed to tell you I was compelled to mention I too was from Wagga Wagga and that I featured on the same Riverina Fresh ad. Only a Waggarian would understand how it’s at all possible sharing such information with a former Australian cricket captain would not be embarrassing.

057 I am really excited about my life right now. By simply admitting I had an issue (or issues), I immediately felt better and capable of change.

058 About two minutes after writing 057, I received the phone which led to my last two blog posts. It felt like someone decided to challenge my optimism. Like they thought I would crumble. Well, fuck you. I'm still excited*.

059 July holidays booked. Berlin, Budapest, Salzburg, Vienna. Sweet.

060 Coconut, coconut, coconut. Love it.

*Also the reason this is late going up. Couldn't quite finish it at the time. Again, the power of back-posting and camelshoes is back on track.

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katyhelena said...

I like 052. I think that's so great that your previous relationships with guys were ones that you're positive about and that you feel left you a better person. I wish I could say the same about my previous relationships. I know they helped make me who I am, but they were hard.
Way to stay optimistic!

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