Friday, June 19, 2009

grudges be gone

i promised a porto-related blog by the end of the week but it’s now become clear that’s not going to happen. this is because one, i’ve yet to write it and won’t have time over the pimms and lemonade-themed weekend and two, because a lot of the photos i want to include are on my friend’s camera.

to bide the time, you get this blog post instead. are you excited?

about one month ago i popped across the road to my regular coffee-serving haunt for a late afternoon soy latte. it was a much-needed caffeine hit and also a much-needed break from the computer screen having not found the time to grab lunch earlier in the day. i had been a regular at The Establishment for a good couple of months. in fact, i had been ordering a large soy latte to take away every single morning. they didn’t know my name, but they knew my face.

on this occasion, i dropped the same order minus the “take away”. i deserved a halfa away from the office, i’d decided. the problem (although it didn’t see it as a problem at the time) was that, at The Establishment, size does matter. they serve up two sizes. regular and large. the regular is, in my book, small. very small. insufficient for a coffee fiend of my calibre. the large, however, only comes in a take away cup. who cares? The Establishment.

i thanked The Manager for my tall, pretty soy latte and sat at one of the many available tables. i opened the guardian and enjoyed my first glorious sip. then i felt a tap on the shoulder. it was The Manager. she reminded me i had ordered a take away coffee. i knew that. i also knew taking away costs less than dining in. about 30p less. it seems The Manager thought i was rorting the system, despite the fact that by ordering a large, i had paid much more than a regular to have in. get me?

surprised she would bother a regular customer in a near-empty café with such a trivial point, i kindly suggested “well, actually i ordered a large. you don’t do a large to have in. i just wanted a big coffee.”

“yes, but it’s a take away cup.”

ahhhhh, yes, i know. but i paid than a regular to stay anyway so…”

“but it’s take away.”

me. dumbfounded look. her. clueless.

“are you asking me to leave?”

“well, for next time.”

well, there’s obviously not going to be a next time.

except there was a next time. that next time was today.

The Establishment is overpriced and full of prams. but it’s across the road from work and has never served up a bad coffee. note to self: get over the grudge.

i’m making every effort to let go of the baggage which has been holding me back. i have made a huge step towards letting go of the cruelty which haunted me at high school. you'll catch that here. i have made an even bigger step towards letting go of the anger aimed at the person who i feel failed me the most. you'll catch that in the near future. i am already reaping the rewards of those choices and actions.

so why in the world would i bother holding a grudge over the woman who makes my daily coffee? i can’t be bothered being that person anymore. i just want good coffee. and this morning’s coffee was good.


Fiona said...

I agree, grudges are tiring, but some I have kept. Like with Oxfam, after that guy guilted us for buying shoes and not adopting an African child when we were in the Canberra Centre that time at uni. I still can't give that charity money. I try to make up for it by being generous with others.

jax said...

oh yeh...i forgot about that. bastard. but it just so happens i haven't donated to oxfam anyway. and i got a lot of wear out of those shoes!

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