Friday, June 19, 2009

ice cream, ascot and shaving

jesus. i swear i just did 61-70. ahhh, persevere.

071 ice cream makes me happy. so happy. ben and jerry's is amazing. fossil fuel is my fave i think. maybe phish food. i'm glad you can't get b and j in australia. if you can't buy it, you can't eat it. unfortunately, baskin and robbins do a mean chocolate and peanut butter. does peanut butter go with everything? yes. also, coconut and cherry ripe ice cream. bomb diggity. and cookies and cream. mmmm, yes.

072 i ran away from home once. i was probably about seven. i left a note in the hallway which said 'i am going to the shops for a very long time'. i have no idea how long i was gone for but i came back and no one had even found the note yet. bastards.

073 royal ascot tomorrow. me and the queen, just chillin' out. i bought my fascinator before i bought my dress. this is very much the wrong order as far as i'm concerned but gee i love my facsinator. so pretty.

074 i have a neck thing. no one is allowed to touch my neck. well, my collar bone really. i can't wear t-shirts with high necklines. i can't wear necklaces unless they are particularly long. just writing this is making my neck freak out.

075 i used to always put the word rife in my essays at uni. i have no idea why. it wasn't intentional at first but once i realised the pattern, i made a point of it.

076 noel gallaghar was the first famous person i saw in london. i saw him about three days after moving here. i haven't seen anyone famous since.

077 monica was prettier than rachel. is anyone else with me? in saying that, i am team aniston over jolie.


078 i constantly shock people with the number of iconic movies i haven't seen. that includes the sound of music but i plan to rectify that before heading to austria next month.

079 i am useless at shaving my knees. i think i've missed the same spot for 12 years.

080 i love sex and the city. but if i knew those girls in real life, especially carrie, i wouldn't like them.


katyhelena said...

71-Ice cream--I LOVE IT! Makes me very happy, too. :)
72-I have also run away from home. Not for very long. My parents didn't see too concerned over the issue, which I never understood.
74-My sister has that same neck thing. Seriously.
79-Made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

I'm having Ben and Jerry's withdrawals... It's not easy to live with out when it's so readily available in London... I want some now, Chunky Monkey and Half Baked... mmmmmmmmmm

I think i should seriously look into importing it, i'd be rich and very popular!


jax said...

you would be rich. and popular. and fat. but at least then you'd finally be the fat sister. i am totally sick of that crown.

SassyGirl said...

Your neck thing is weird. Haha.

I love SATC but even when I watch them, I kind of hate them. Particularly Charlotte and Carrie, although there are moments for all four - they are just REALLY annoying sometimes!

SassyGirl said...

And yes, Monica!!! Her bossy complex was a bit annoying, but at least she tried to keep it under control. Rachel was a ditz ALL THE TIME and no one asked HER to stop.

Sass said...

Hmmmmmm... sometimes when the stars align, it sort of freaks me out. In trawling my usual blogs this afternoon, I have noticed a few references to the Sound of Music. I watched it on Saturday afternoon, because I was depressed and needed some cheering up.

My mum said in my youth, I would watch that, and "Grease" until the our betamax video player broke. It would suffice to say that I wanted to be a Von Trapp. Or a Pink Lady.

Now, I want to pash Chistopher Plumber.

Climb every mountain Jax. Every mountain.

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