Friday, July 3, 2009

berlin, procrastination and a timely farewell

091 Three sleeps until Berlin. Can I get a hell yeh?!

092 My feet cannot handle tales of physical woe. When someone is telling a yucky story about blood, guts, horrid injuries and the like, my feet suffer an exaggerated version of pins and needles in my trotters. I have to crouch or sit down or, preferably, leave the room.

093 I was there when Michael Bevan hit a four off the last ball to beat the West Indies in 1996. It was unforgettable. Second only, as far as my memories of live sport go, to watching the Cowboys beat the Broncos in the 2004 semi-final. Australia’s semi-final tie with South Africa in the 1999 Cricket World Cup and the Cowboys’ qualifying final victory over the Bulldogs in 2004 would probably be my all-time favourite sporting moments. Being in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics was also pretty amazing.

094 I cannot roll my tongue.

095 It doesn’t matter how much I have to do, or how little time I have to do it, I always find time to procrastinate. I constantly amaze myself at how fine I will cut a deadline. For that reason, journalism suits me to a tee.

096 Luke Perry posters adorned my walls during a good few of my younger years. How very embarrassing.

yeh, i'm pretty sure i had this exact poster.

097 I am very feisty but I hate conflict. I will avoid it at all (or at least most) costs but, once involved, I generally make a strong and assertive-bordering-on-aggressive case.

098 My elbows are double-jointed. It freaks people out but, to me, it just looks and feels normal.

099 I’ve spent more than 27 of my 28 years as a brunette. Blonde was a fun but costly experiment. I don’t know how anyone can be bothered going to the hairdressers that often. Au naturale, I probably drag myself to the hairdressers three times a year. In the eight months I boasted goldie locks, I was spending a fortune every five weeks. It also destroyed my hair’s condition but I don’t regret it.

100 (And what a note to end on) I’ve booked my ticket home, baby!! With me on board, a big plane with Cathay Pacific branding will be touching down in Sydney on September 23. I have loved living in London and will miss it here. But I am so excited to be heading home. How lucky I am to feel that way. How lucky I am full stop.


katyhelena said...

So glad you'll be getting to head home!

Fiona said...

Yay! It's a great feeling when you're excited to come home and very exciting for all of us for you to be coming home! Enjoy your last few months there. And not sleeping before your flight is beneficial as you pretty much pass out as soon as you sit down. x

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