Tuesday, July 28, 2009

peace out, again

more holidays. yes, it's unfair. but on you, not me, so that's okay.

it does mean another moratorium has been placed on camelshoes.

i know, i hadn't heard that word either until saturday night. and neither had anyone in my office when i just called out 'what's the word beginning with m, ending in torium that means hiatus'. blank stares. i was trying to google the spelling because, god forbid, i published an error on camelshoes.

my friend used moratorium during a casual conversation over saturday night dinner. i felt she deserved the jibes which followed given, among friends, she could have said 'break' or 'hiatus'. in her defence, she's certainly smart rather than showy and now i know a new word.

i promised her i'd use it on sunday. i didn't so this is my compensation.

so yes, holiday. whoo hoo. me. little sister. greece. 10 days. it better look like this.

and i better look tan-o-rexic when i get back - hopefully with many a potential blog posts at the ready.

until then, much love....



katyhelena said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

puck you miss!

(that'd be my moratorium on swearing for the day)

Smuggy said...

it only looks like that if you are really tall.

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