Sunday, August 16, 2009

the final countdown (de ner ner ner etc)

tomorrow marks one month until i farewell ye ollondon town. sigh and smile combined.

i’ll be back – i’m sure of that – but almost certainly not in the same capacity. ever since i booked my one-way ticket home, i have appreciated even more the things i have loved about living here. true to myself, i have also been able to source plenty of things which i most certainly will not miss. i’ve taken the liberty of jotting down a few of the high achievers in each category. you’re welcome.

good riddance to…

the customer service. oxymoron. the weather. winter’s
just doing it’s job. those other three have a lot to answer for. the
coffee. it’s flat and it’s white. make it happen. the rat race. oh dear
god. get out of my way. the sports pages. soccer. soccer. soccer.
snore. the cling wrap. it does not cling. it does not wrap. the heel
destroying pavements. my poor, beautiful shoes.

but I’ll miss…

the public transport. expensive, hot but so damn efficient. the
history. everywhere you turn. the neighbours. europe on your doorstep.
price and proximity rolled into one globetrotting package. the options. food.
drink. sights. shops. art. culture. sport. amazing. brilliant. enviable.
world class. love. love. love. the squirrels. they just roam around,
looking all cute and squirrely. the price. i stand by my oft criticised
observation: london is cheap. the angel. upper street, my
favourite haunt. the sandwiches. dear pret, come to australia. the
crew. heartfelt tribute to follow. i'll miss you guys.

oh, the times we've shared. i am so glad i've called london home.

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Fiona said...

I always thought I was such a weirdo for hating the cling wrap there. I nearly got mum to send over some Glad wrap at one point, I was that frustrated.
Squirrels, though, terrified me. They all have a look in their eye like they're about to launch and attack my throat. I'm glad I don't see them anymore.

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