Friday, August 7, 2009

zusak: the book genius

i meant to blog about this years ago. okay, weeks ago. but travelling got the better of me and i never got around to it. soz. but it would be remiss of me to let it slide completely because, to me, it's quite significant that last month i finished the most amazing book i've ever read.

the usual cliche strewn through reviews is that the critiqued book was 'unputdownable'. i get it. i've read a few books like that. a thousand splendid suns the most recent. in this case though, the book thief was a story i constantly wanted to put down for fear of finishing it. such was the reading experience, i wanted it to last forever.

i wont go into the storyline. you can find that through googs if you want. plus, if you're thinking about reading it (which you should) i would recommend diving in without the benefit of a synopsis.

what i will say is that, as well as brilliant, the book thief is an inspiration.
zusak took such a risk. he thought way outside the box and not only did he make it work, he killed it. in doing so, he opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of story telling. he showed me i don't have to follow a formula. and i think the thought of being restricted by these perceived boundaries sometimes stalls me.

oh, and one last thing. this book was a birthday present from a friend whose opinion on books (and pretty much everything else actually) i value highly. she was spot on with this gift. spot on. not that i'm surprised.

thanks clare daly. you've been on the mark since bitter with baggage seeks same: the life and times of some chickens.


Siamese Saffron said...

I am absolutely obsessed with this book. One of my favourites... and the way he plays with words, my god! Such brilliance!

Can't wait til you're in Sydney xx

jax said...

me either. we should play book club. or drink wine. or both.

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