Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tomorrow his patience will be rewarded

I'm good with words. But sometimes, someone else has put it so perfectly, I need not bother trying to improve on their efforts. In this case: the talent is Jason Mraz.

“Lucky I'm in love with my best friend.

Lucky to have been where I have been.

Lucky to be coming home again."

See you tomorrow, baby. Finally, a reunion which won't be promptly followed by a farewell. I can't wait to love you in person.

**Oh, and because I've scheduled this post, I know the formatting is going to be totally screwed. Sorry, I'll fix it when I get home. You know, when we run out of stuff to do.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a little shout out

so, i am totally leaving london tomorrow. for good. i’m packing my life – well, my shoes (so many shoes) – into my backpack and i’m starting again…again…in sydney, australia.

i have had such a wonderful, amazing, jam-packed time here that i am sad to be leaving. yet i am so excited about what’s ahead for me and that excitement trumps the sadness. i think about how lucky i am to feel that way every day.

although i’ve only been in london just over a year, what i am leaving behind is significant. beyond the convenient geography, the never-ending to-do list (the good kind) and the plum job, i am saying goodbye to some of the most amazing people i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

a few examples

my london crew – and you guys know who you are – are simply beautiful. it started with summer fun in the south of france and continued with countless hours, days, weeks, months of hanging, laughing, playing, drinking, loving.

and i woke up with chocolate in my pocket. best night ever.

and i do love them. i love the people they are and the kind of friends they’ve each been to me. as well as the fun times, it would be remiss of me not to mention, albeit vaguely, those times they’ve been there when things weren’t so happy-go-lucky. when life was kind of kicking me in the shins.

sisters, by blood and otherwise

so, i would like to say thank you for taking me in, thank you for chasing after handbag thieves, thank you for letting me cry on your shoulders, thank you for being happy for me when those tears finally dried up, thank you for making me feel part of something special.

you shall be missed

Monday, September 14, 2009

carpe diem, carpe de words*

it's times like these i am reminded i really need to buy a notebook. i think my blog is partly to blame, but i forgive you camelshoes. it's just sometimes i want to write 'right this very second'. like now.

i felt exactly the same yesterday too which is why i asked the hostel i'm staying at for some scrap paper and a pen. i am currently** utilising both, cafe con leche to my left, the kite runner to my right, overlooking san sebastian's playa de la concha (on of its three stunning beaches).

it may seem silly, but to me, it's different writing the 'old fashioned' way. i like it. the words actually seem to flow a little better and i find an odd comfort in the rustic sight of my scribble. i don't look forward to typing the transfer but it's a small price to pay for the release of the words which time would otherwise forget.

so, the reason i wanted so much to put pen to paper has a lot to do with the picture i just painted. the coffee's almost gone but there will be a second cup because i am not ready to give this moment up. a moment punctuated minutes ago with a simple thought: 'how good is this?'

my body gave in to a wave of goosebumps. a tear or two, representing nothing but overwhelming contentment, welled as i absorbed my situation. soaking up sunshine in a stunning city, more than comfortable in my solitude but excited beyond my imagination, beyond words, by the life which awaits me in nine sleeps. NINE SLEEPS.

what a dramatic turn my life has taken. thanks heavily to the decision to 'get the fuck over it'. get over the bullshit that happened years ago. the bullshit i had stubbornly held onto, unwilling to forgive. bullshit that will continue to be a part of me, but will no longer define me.

am i josie alibrandi, or what?

*may not make actual sense.
**'currently' at the time of pen to paper, not typing. obviously.

i will miss you (rain and all)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a little something to keep you going

hey, hi, yeh, i'm still alive. just kind of busy. still am. 'pack-travel-travel-repack-travel-farewell party-rerepack-travel-travel-move-home-forever' kind of busy. it's good. thanks for asking.

i have two posts scheduled and ready to rock your world in the coming fortnight. the timing's important so patience, okay, shees.

i also have loose plans to get cracking on a couple of others but we'll have to see about that. like i said: busy. too busy to write, but never too busy to think about writing and it's the thought that counts, innit?

fyi, i'm writing this brief message from my krakow hostel after a sombre visit to auschwitz - a trip i intend to document here in the coming...ahhh...weeks *crosses fingers*. i arrived in krakow yesterday after returning to london from new york the day before. yeh, i am really freaking tired.

i may or may not expand on new york. i would have thought a ny blog entry would just write itself but i wasn't as blown away as i had expected to be. the expectation was probably part of the problem. i really enjoyed myself. i really, really did.

but i wanted more.

then it occured to me. by 'more', what i want is for my boyfriend (cough*loveofmylife*cough) and i to finally live in the same city. that reality is less than two weeks away and i couldn't be more excited.

seriously matthew, be next to me already.

*do i have to keep calling you this fake name, btw?

Monday, September 7, 2009

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