Tuesday, October 13, 2009

g'day mates

home again...again. still no cord but boy has a nifty little gadget which made the photo problem redundant. so, here's that blog. probably not worth the wait really....

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, home sweet home. and been kind of busy so sorry about the big, huge hiatus.

arrived in oz two weeks ago now*. amid some mad dust storm the likes of which sydney (or was that oz) hadn't seen since the 60s (or was that in 60 years? i really should start paying more attention).

anyway, there was heaps of dust. it was hugely unseasonal. every plane scheduled to land in sydney before 9am was diverted to brisbane. every plane scheduled to land after midday was diverted to melbourne. we landed at 1130.

thank freaking god. the love of my life was waiting at sydney airport so landing a good half day drive south was not going to cut it. not after 15 months of the longest long-distance in the history of crazies who think they can make a relationship work long distance.

cleared customs. picked up bags. launched myself into strong, safe arms of man of dreams. spent every minute since looking at him, loving him.

needless to say, that's where all my blogging time has been going.

some of it in terrigal - a beautiful part of the word i had never experienced made even more beautiful by the crown plaza's ever-so-kind upgrade to what MUST have been the best suite in the house.

some of it in the hunter valley - another beautiful part of the world i had never been to, this time made even better by the fact we were attending the gorgeous wedding of rohan and laura. cue photographic tribute.

presenting: mr and mrs bell (and one of THE most
gorgeous wedding dresses i've ever laid eyes on)

since then we've done a little sydney (my new home), a little gold coast, a little noosa, a little byron, a little brisbane...it's been the perfect way to forget i actually have to get myself a job, apartment, regular day-to-day life.

ahhh, it can wait.

*if i had've published this when i meant to that is

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katyhelena said...

It's so wonderful to be reunited with the person you love after a long long-distance time. So happy for you!

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