Tuesday, October 27, 2009

time heals all wounds. no wait, i meant money

"My wife is very stressed. We are
all okay - my wife and my baby
are okay - but we really just need
some time to get over this."

The father of ‘miracle baby’ Saurish was quoted saying this in the Herald on October 19. And it’s a fair enough statement. Or at least I thought it was when I read it on October 19.

Now, just a week later, his wife is gracing the front cover of Woman’s Day. Bless her. She just needed some time to get over this. And it would seem 'getting over it' meant having a cuppa and a chat, an iced vovo maybe, with a glossy journalist carrying a large cheque.

I give chequebook journalism a big “whatevs”. It’s not how I chase my stories but that’s really because I don’t have a chequebook, large or otherwise. If you inadvertently land in the middle of a cash-worthy story, a la the Beaconsfield miners, best of luck to you in the bidding war.

It’s not like Shweta, the mum in question, pushed the pram on the tracks now, is it? But don’t cry wolf with the ‘need some time’ bullshit. Unlike Woman's Day, we're not buying it. Boom tish.

Monday, October 26, 2009

wedding 'bells'

i haven't asked permission to use this which is pretty slack because i knew i wanted to use it last week and saw both mr and mrs bell, also known as the photo's 'subjects', on saturday night. but my memory is terrible and i guess i figured, who wouldn't want to show this photo to the world? stunning, yes? add this plug and i'm keeping the photographer happy as well.

i suppose this marks the end of the blogtography mondays hiatus. it was an unintentional break but i needed it. thanks for your patience.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

justice for who?

i read this with mouth ajar. fascinating. thought provoking.

how can a nation be so far advanced yet so backwards at the very same time?


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

so, in conclusion...

i just got in trouble. boy, let's call him mike (because that's his name) logged onto camelshoes and was, once again, greeted with the post dated october 13. not only has it been too long between drinks, said post was a pathetic 'sorry-it's-been-so-long-i'll-be-back-soon' entry. i had clearly not been 'back soon'. pathetic.

although i am not sure what's worse. the aforementioned effort or what i am about to do: type the pen-to-paper scribble which i created on a sun-drenched hostel balcony about five weeks ago. you decide.

with each new drink, the once-fleeting consideration to bail on my san sebastian trip became more serious. i was drunk. i was still at the pub. and my pre-ordered cab was picking me up ahead of my stupid o'clock flight in six...five...four...three...two hours.

two hours of itchy sleep and i had wearily collapsed into the passenger seat of my eight pound cab. at liverpool street station i forked out the almost 30-pound return train ticket to stansted airport. the return flight cost me about the same. and at bilbao, i relinquished another 15 euro for the bus to san sebby. one way.

this day had already cost me a fortune and i hadn't even done anything.

but when i was presented with san sebastian, still feeling the pain of a night spent replacing sleep with pimms, it was clear the earlier cash hemorrhage was going to be worth it.

my first impressions of cities have rarely changed throughout the course of a stay. as on this occasion, every destination i have loved has captured my heart immediately.

last week, while discussing my recent trip to NY with a friend, i questioned whether i would even put the big apple - so many people's number one city - in my top five. now i know i wouldn't.

my top five do not meet a strict criteria. i know some destinations would have been influenced by external factors like the company, the weather, the expectations. all i can go on is which cities most brought a smile to my face - both at the time and with each nostalgic moment.

for ease, i have discounted australian cities. if i didn't, sydney, melbourne, byron bay and, of course, wagga wagga* would all be strong contenders.

so, without further ado...


it's such a cliche, which is why i didn't expect to fall in love with the french capital - which, in turn, is probably one of the key reasons why i did.

i'm not big on travelling by the book, on ticking boxes the lonely planet tells me to tick. i bought europe on a shoestring when i first got here and haven't taken it on one holiday. so, i thought a city with so many iconic, box-tick worthy sights would prove tedious. oh, i loved it. stunning, romantic, glorious. the world-famous attractions were simply the backdrop to a city i could wander forever.


plucked from a fairytale, relocated to austria. a picture perfect city. jaw-dropping beauty. the one full day i spent there (of course, not nearly enough) was as close to perfect as i can imagine a day being. the fact it started with a heart-warming coffee and mouth-watering (read sugar-laden) breakfast: incidental.


it may seem biased, since i live(d) there and have the benefit of great friends and local knowledge, but i did do london as a tourist in 2006 and it's absolutely world class. there are so many reasons why. here are a few.


i am travelling solo, i am exhausted and i am dying to get back to oz but san sebastian has still managed to claim a little piece of my travel heart. i thought i was going to sit on the beach all weekend - god knows my body needs to be horizontal right now - but there is too much exploring, too much atmosphere, too much fullstop.


i spent two days here in 2006. again, not enough, but ain't hindsight grand. i was instantly smitten by sorrento and its postcard beauty. not one of those shitty, 10-for-a-euro postcards but the ones which force you to inhale, as if trying somehow to breathe it in. on the amalfi coast, sorrento was simply charming. there are grand plans to be there again in july 2010. it will happen. and it will be loved.

and there you have it. my top five. i have tried to put these in order but it's hardly set in concrete.

i wonder how my list compares to yours. agree? probably not. tell me, what's your favourite city in this amazing world?

* lie.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

g'day mates

home again...again. still no cord but boy has a nifty little gadget which made the photo problem redundant. so, here's that blog. probably not worth the wait really....

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, home sweet home. and been kind of busy so sorry about the big, huge hiatus.

arrived in oz two weeks ago now*. amid some mad dust storm the likes of which sydney (or was that oz) hadn't seen since the 60s (or was that in 60 years? i really should start paying more attention).

anyway, there was heaps of dust. it was hugely unseasonal. every plane scheduled to land in sydney before 9am was diverted to brisbane. every plane scheduled to land after midday was diverted to melbourne. we landed at 1130.

thank freaking god. the love of my life was waiting at sydney airport so landing a good half day drive south was not going to cut it. not after 15 months of the longest long-distance in the history of crazies who think they can make a relationship work long distance.

cleared customs. picked up bags. launched myself into strong, safe arms of man of dreams. spent every minute since looking at him, loving him.

needless to say, that's where all my blogging time has been going.

some of it in terrigal - a beautiful part of the word i had never experienced made even more beautiful by the crown plaza's ever-so-kind upgrade to what MUST have been the best suite in the house.

some of it in the hunter valley - another beautiful part of the world i had never been to, this time made even better by the fact we were attending the gorgeous wedding of rohan and laura. cue photographic tribute.

presenting: mr and mrs bell (and one of THE most
gorgeous wedding dresses i've ever laid eyes on)

since then we've done a little sydney (my new home), a little gold coast, a little noosa, a little byron, a little brisbane...it's been the perfect way to forget i actually have to get myself a job, apartment, regular day-to-day life.

ahhh, it can wait.

*if i had've published this when i meant to that is

Thursday, October 8, 2009

home sweet home

i'm alive.

i'm busy being in love.

naaaah. i mean, yes, but i also have an entry for you but i can't find my cord to connect my camera to my lappy and add the couple of photos i want to show you. and my OCD won't let me upload the writing without the pictures.

i also have a story brewing about how i do really stupid things sometimes. like applying for amazing jobs and then not checking the email address i put on the CV until today - one month after i was asked for an interview. umm, so that's kind of the story told.

i also have a story about some things i have been observing in this great southern land i live in. like how hearing ray warren on channel nine a couple of days after my return epitomised this country more than anything else i had yet experienced.

and there's this list of things compiling in my mind which are making me realise i am crossing over to the real world of adulthood. ie: my knees hurt after i sit cross-legged, i picked up the donna hay magazine instead of vogue while breakfasting cafe-style, i have gotten up to pee for about six consecutive nights. i never (used to) night pee.

there, that should tide you over. and rest assured, there'll be plenty of blogging during my dedicated 'apply for jobs' time which starts tuesday. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.
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