Thursday, October 8, 2009

home sweet home

i'm alive.

i'm busy being in love.

naaaah. i mean, yes, but i also have an entry for you but i can't find my cord to connect my camera to my lappy and add the couple of photos i want to show you. and my OCD won't let me upload the writing without the pictures.

i also have a story brewing about how i do really stupid things sometimes. like applying for amazing jobs and then not checking the email address i put on the CV until today - one month after i was asked for an interview. umm, so that's kind of the story told.

i also have a story about some things i have been observing in this great southern land i live in. like how hearing ray warren on channel nine a couple of days after my return epitomised this country more than anything else i had yet experienced.

and there's this list of things compiling in my mind which are making me realise i am crossing over to the real world of adulthood. ie: my knees hurt after i sit cross-legged, i picked up the donna hay magazine instead of vogue while breakfasting cafe-style, i have gotten up to pee for about six consecutive nights. i never (used to) night pee.

there, that should tide you over. and rest assured, there'll be plenty of blogging during my dedicated 'apply for jobs' time which starts tuesday. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.


Sam Turnbull said...

ah... pregnant? i never got up in the middle of the night to pee until i was up the duff and i've never been a cooking magazine fan until now (i think it's the nesting urge)... you should pee on a stick post haste!

jax said...

you must have scared my bladder, sam. stopped getting up mid-sleep as soon as you said this. although, in another sign of adulthood, i was almost disappointed that your theory wasn't right

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