Tuesday, October 27, 2009

time heals all wounds. no wait, i meant money

"My wife is very stressed. We are
all okay - my wife and my baby
are okay - but we really just need
some time to get over this."

The father of ‘miracle baby’ Saurish was quoted saying this in the Herald on October 19. And it’s a fair enough statement. Or at least I thought it was when I read it on October 19.

Now, just a week later, his wife is gracing the front cover of Woman’s Day. Bless her. She just needed some time to get over this. And it would seem 'getting over it' meant having a cuppa and a chat, an iced vovo maybe, with a glossy journalist carrying a large cheque.

I give chequebook journalism a big “whatevs”. It’s not how I chase my stories but that’s really because I don’t have a chequebook, large or otherwise. If you inadvertently land in the middle of a cash-worthy story, a la the Beaconsfield miners, best of luck to you in the bidding war.

It’s not like Shweta, the mum in question, pushed the pram on the tracks now, is it? But don’t cry wolf with the ‘need some time’ bullshit. Unlike Woman's Day, we're not buying it. Boom tish.

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