Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ch ch ch changes

i desperately want to change the look of my blog. i loved this retro-orange-martini-type writery layout when i started. and i loved it for a long time after. i still like it, but it's not me anymore. i have grown out of it. camelshoes has grown out of it.

problem one. i vividly recall the trauma of trying to get this layout right in the first place. when i finally did make it work, i didn't even know how i managed. it was highly stressful and i don't want to go back there.

problem two. well, it's kind of the same as problem one. in the past month, i have twice tried to refurbish camelshoes and twice failed. a completely indecipherable error message is all i have managed to create.

does anyone know how to crack these codes? and can you come to my house please? i'll buy you an ice cream.

to appease my need for change, albiet temporarily, i have dropped the 'i think, therefore i blog' title. i think it was, again, a case of growing out of it. so i am glad it wasn't available as a URL. camelshoes is something i don't imagine growing out of because it means nothing while, at the very same time, meaning quite a lot. plus, to the naked eye it's non-descript. i like that. i like you.


Rick M said...

Camelshoes still makes me laugh heartily. I, to this day, picture a little desert camel who inexplicably finds a pair of shoes in the middle of nowehere that just happen to fit his little camel hooves.

And then he says 'well, that was a freebie' like they do on Arrested Development.

It's either that or let my mind wander to the God-awful imaginings of little camel shoes for little cameltoes, and to be honest, I don't ever want to go there.

And no, sorry, can't help. My blog still looks like a black hole upon which somebody spilled some lime paint.

Moida: What happens when you murder someone in Boston.

Boy said...

new blog looks wonderful darling...x

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