Thursday, November 19, 2009

employment 101

job job job job job job job. i have one. i've had one for more than a month now which means this post is seriously tardy. soz.

i am all about media and pr at undisclosed location. and i can't quite believe my luck. not only is the gig just about perfecto for me, it also waited around for me. serendipitous.

it started a few months back. the last three weeks of august marked my last three weeks of work in london. the grand plan was to apply for jobs en masse so i'd have a few balls rolling once i got back to oz.

i did not do this. i was too busy saying goodbye to the city and the people i had loved for the previous 15 months. there was no room for in my life. i forgave myself the indiscretion and enjoyed my last weeks in the old dart.

thanks largely to a oz-based friend in my field of work, i did apply for just one job. said friend had seen it advertised and passed it on, presuming i would be interested. i was. i applied. i waited.

i checked my emails every day or so for the next three weeks but heard nothing. that's not an issue, just the truth. come september, i packed up my bags and embarked on travel, travel, travel. new york, krakow, san sebastian, hong kong and some seriously special, sad, fun goodbyes during the fleeting london-based moments in between.

i honestly cannot not tell you whether i was simply too caught up to keep checking my emails or had figured i had been unsuccessful. i think it was probably a combo of both. but, bottom line, the travelling lifestyle is not conducive to following the job trail.

on october 8, sitting on the balcony at mum's house in the aussie sunshine, i checked my emails. i had one from undisclosed location. a rejection email i assumed. and, of course, i assumed wrong. of course, not because i am so damn good i obviously would never be rejected (boast rejected letters to prove it) but because this story would be damn pointless other wise. the email was in face a request for an interview. a phone interview since i lived in london. 'what time would be best?' it asked. in a fluster, i scrolled up. when, when, when was this sent?

september 10.


what a waste. what a fuck up. i felt stupid but, even worse, i felt utterly unprofessional. i mentioned my stupidity briefly here.

i quickly replied without hope, only courtesy.

so sorry...blahblah...was globetrotting...blahblahblah...assume you've found a suitable cadidate...blahblah...if not, would love to meet wishes...blah...sincerely...blah.

my phone rang. it was undisclosed location. they had completed the interview process but not yet made a decision. they invited my for an 11th hour interview.

that was a thursday. my interview was that tuesday. i was offered the job thursday. i started the next monday.

in a nutshell, the job search could not have gone better. add to that the fact i landed in australia during the three hour window sydney airport was accepting planes on 'the day of the dust' and the fact i found the perfect car for me the second i started looking aaaaand the fact my amazing boy is cooking us dinner as i type -

no dole queue for me. shame. looks like i missed out on a mean cuppa.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone buggers something up at some point, and because you are white-hot, it was meant to be...


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