Friday, November 27, 2009

my entry titles have been really shit lately

oh for freaky freak's sake. i have a blog entry. i wrote it tuesday. and it's stuck in my computer. select copy paste, why do you hurt me so? i am starting to think it's a sign. that blog god is telling me you've gone to far with your mentioning of your ailment that's hurting this space.

anyway, i have emailed the entry to myself and will post it from boy's computer tomorrow. actually, no. i think i'll wait until tuesday. i have my reasons. but how, how can you possibly wait that long? i recommend watching this. you'll need 10 minutes but it's worth it.

alternatively, here's a story. my mate won a walkley last night. freakin' ay!! this, for those who don't know, is totes awesome. it is the best, most prestigious journalism award in australia aaaaand he won 'scoop of the year'. scooping is what the biz is all about. i am so stoked for him.

not my friend. not a walkley.

congrats hootie!! who would have thought we'd actually grow up and achieve stuff?


Letterhead Printing | said...

Nice! Congratulations to your friend. You must be very proud. It's nice to know that the both of you are achieving things you didn't imagine you could achieve. Nice success story.

Mike said...

Well done Hoot! Next I would like to see an Archibald Prize, Olympic Gold and a Nobel Prize for advancement in the field of Rock Climbing. Steer clear of a Darwin. They tend only to end one way...

Congrats mate.

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