Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: the year of h

this image has been sitting in a draft 'new year's resolution post' for almost two weeks. while it perfectly depicts how i feel about 2010 and what the year will mean for me, i haven't been able to find the right words to fall underneath.

my solution to writer's block is usually just to type. stop thinking and type. that's what i am doing right now. i hope it works.

i usually make new year's resolutions. i don't sit down and write a list but there's always a few things in my mind that i'd like to achieve and i use the turn of the year as inspiration. why not?

i am embarrassed to say, although i am sure i'm not alone, those resolutions are oft related to physical changes. lose 5kg. find abdominal muscles. etc. surprise, surprise - in 2010 i would like to lose 5kg. but the weight loss is a distant second this time around.

for me, 2010 will be about two things:

my head and my heart

so, you know, just minor challenges.

by now you know i am a little crazy, and there's a whole lot about my head i want to sort out, but ultimately i want to learn how to let go. let go of past hurt. let go of present insecurity.

my heart is a victim of my head. in committing to dealing with my head i imagine and hope my heart will benefit. i imagine and hope my heart will open.

i feel good about 2010. i am excited about the year's potential, my potential. and i have the greatest motivation. another 'h'.


happy new year, team camelshoes. i hope 2010 is one to remember.


Nicky said...

Love the picture
I will join you on your H goals :)
Good luck
I will be watching (reading)
Have fun tonight!!!

april said...

That is beautiful.
May 2010 bring you everything you want and more - you deserve it.
Brilliant Blog.
Gorgeous Picture.

Karls said...

H away my dear! *H*ope you get all you dream of!

MIke said...

top blog. very special.

if 2010 is the year of h, i think you should also focus on humour. yours has been lacking a bit of late and i think you should rectify this.

as always, i am able to offer assistance.

maybe also focus on hillsong, hommous, high-waisted pants, heebee jeebees, headcolds, horses and hugs.

people to watch this year are hugh heffner, hubert humperdink, harry highpants, helly hansen and haris hilton.

love love...

Seema Duggal said...

I have another H... help. We all need it. Especially you & me. xx

...kate said...

agreed seema. completely. find suitable therapist is at the top of the priority list. and it can't go worse than last time.


Angelia said...

Oh sounds like a good year coming! Hope it works out with 'h'.
Happy New Year! And Happy SITS Saturday sharefest

Melissa said...

Here's to you having an awesome 2010 and getting every single one of your H's.

Look what I have for you;

Melissa said...

Here's to you getting all of your H's this year!

Look what I have for you!

Kristin said...

I have a really good feeling about 2010 too. 2009 gave us many challenges. I feel like 2010 is going to give us many blessings. Here's to a better year!

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